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By: Dray Media  09-12-2011
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So how could the soothing sounds of jazz inspire public pandimonium? The same way people can be convinced to buy pet rocks or low-waisted jeans. Shamelessly effective marketing and advertising.

Advertising is nothing without an angle. You need to take aim to hit a target, the same principle here – only more complicated, involving professional creative and marketing types, a well formulated and vetted strategy, and a willing client to sign the checks (you can’t chew goodwill).

It all starts with a plan, a blueprint that defines who you are, what you want and what you have to offer. Then we look at the landscape, the marketplace and your competitive environment. We look at your target markets, their awareness and perceptions of your brand and how solid those relationships are. Then our marketing gurus identify key objective targets, bang out a bulletproof plan of attack and pass it down the line into the creative incubator.

Then we really go to work. And that’s when the fun begins.

Elder Abuse Awareness Campaign

Not all violence leaves marks. This campaign for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador challenges the audience to make conscious choices concerning issues of elder abuse, raising awareness of the many forms abuse can take.

Ches's 60th Anniversary Campaign

St. John's icon Ches's Fish & Chips celebrates its 60th anniversary with a promotional campaign aimed at highlighting its new brand while establishing the narrative of its local legacy.

NLAN Awareness Campaign

Designed to engage target investors and emerging companies looking for seed capital, the NLAN campaign sought to raise awareness of angel investing while positioning itself as the essential facilitator.

For the Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival, that meant establishing not only the festival’s huge diversity of talent, but driving home the huge diversity of choice in the festival mix. Employing a rich mixture of new and traditional media from digital profiles to billboards, from electronic samplers to media kits, we managed to maximize the spread of a particulary small marketing pot. Highlighting the talent of over 150 acts performing over 6 days, we positioned Wreckhouse as one of the most prominent jazz and blues festivals in Eastern Canada.

Music fans and jazz enthusiasts got the message, and apparently followed the beat right to the clubs, resulting in 375% increase in attendance over the previous year. Ain’t no one singing the blues on those numbers.

Pairing effective research, planning and experience with a reknowned creative collective is the heart of DRAY Media’s strength. With our comprehensive account management and project management structures in place to ensure delivery and quality controls, your campaign will be more than a success. It will be something to enjoy.

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Keywords: Marketing

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