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By: Dray Media  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Packaging

There are thousands of new products launched into the global marketplace every year - more than 15,000 to be exact. For many consumers, their first point of contact with any new product is on the store shelf. How can your product compete, not only with the clutter of established brands out there, but with the abundance of new products that are being introduced?

Innovative packaging invariably rises above the competitive landscape, thus it is essential that your packaging application be as attractive as possible.

To guarantee results, you need the strength and know-how of broad industry experience, supported by proven creative strategies and marketing expertise. You need DRAY Media.

Tolli Premium Vodka

A 'no holds barred' design mandate produces a bottle design of our dreams. Picture a handmade coloured glass sculpture inside every bottle. It creates a whole new dimension on the term 'unique'.

iGlobe Global Water

iGlobe looked for two platforms for its new water product: a compact 500 ml application that we packaged as a globe employing corn based plastics that are biodegradable, and a 750 ml platform that can accommodate Spin Label technology for pioneering messaging and marketing possibilities.

Pure Labrador (formerly Labrador Preserves)

With its new Pure Labrador brand, Labrador Preserves wanted to break the back of misconceptions of its products as mere spreads for crackers and toast. With its new packaging platform with attached recipes, sales have soared.

Packaging is not simply functional in nature. It is the tangible essence of your company; representing your brand, your core values and standards in quality. To the senses, it must create an immediate connection and establish a relationship with the consumer. No matter the product, your packaging has mere seconds to convey a message and inspire desire. And we all know what it is like to flub an introduction. That invariably short window of opportunity to make a lasting impression is lost. In the cut and thrust of the retail lexicon, the same dynamic exists. When a consumer experiences your product for the first time, it is essential that questions of quality and value are implicitly answered in a presentation that not only attracts the eye but compels interaction.

DRAY Media has an established track record of nurturing new product brands to market, as well as reinvigorating older brands seeking a new lease on retail life.

In need of a uniquely functional high-end seafood packaging application that conveys fresh five-star quality and genuine class? How about premium bottled water with a casing as timeless and natural as the water source it originated from? Or what about a sculpted and monogrammed vodka bottle or a perfume bottle that embodies pure elegance? We’ve done it all.

Dressed in a DRAY design, getting your product noticed and scooped off the shelves isn’t a hope, it’s a guarantee.

  • conceptual development
  • prototype development
  • 3D rendering
  • illustration & animation
  • photography
  • art direction
  • food staging
  • package sourcing
  • production sourcing

Keywords: Marketing, Packaging

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