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By: Dray Media  09-12-2011

Did you read the headline statement? How zen is that?

And by using the word ‘Zen’ an impression is formed in your head. You know it has some association with wisdom, tranquility, an ordered life, but you cannot accurately point to the source of these impressions. Nevertheless, it impacts your viewpoint.

Welcome to the world of branding.

A brand is a form of language. It can evoke meaning. It can evoke an emotion. It can evoke a personality. It's the visual representation of your company's values, beliefs, culture, personality, style, mantra and no company, product or organization can operate effectively without one.

You interact with numerous brands each and every day. It's inescapable. Even the anti-brand movement is branded…as an anti-brand movement. It may be a word, a phrase, a graphic, a service, a perspective. It can be anything. But it is in what it does, how it operates, that not only sets it apart, but makes it crucially important.

Deep Blue Gourmet Seafood

A modern brand for a modern way of looking at ready to cook seafood. We were determined to stay away from the 'been there, done that' philosophy of most seafood brands for something with, if you'll pardon the pun, more 'depth'.

RDC - Research & Development
Corporation Newfoundland
and Labrador

Employing a sine/cosine
relationship to symbolize
the interaction of
government, academia
and industry as
incubators of innovation:
catalysts for growth.

Ocean One International Yacht Race

For its inaugural year, Ocean One needed its new brand to make a splash. We combined the latitude and longitude lines to suggest the race's international flavour in a sail motif. Very cool. Very modern. Very nautical.

A strong brand helps people make choices. From software to politics, fashion to foodstuffs, a brand ensures that your company, your product or service is prioritized in the perceptions and decisions of your key markets. That special mix of characteristics that forms the essence of your brand is what makes your company unique. At DRAY Media, we understand the scope and power of a smart brand platform, how to develop it, harness it and translate it throughout your environment to establish a compelling signpost for your audience, both internally and externally.

Developing a brand is so much more than summing up the parts of a company within a simple graphic. At DRAY Media, we take an intensive all-inclusive approach to analyze not only your internal culture but the behaviours, lifestyles and expectations of your target audiences and stakeholders.

Your corporate performance is directly correlated to the behaviours of your clients, more succinctly whether they choose to purchase or invest in your product or service. That behaviours can be shaped, to effectively differentiate your brand from competing brands. From brand interactions (like packaging) to brand environments (like an office or trade show booth), DRAY Media has the expertise to develop and translate your brand from its founding philosophy to the preferred choice of your target consumers.

  • brand graphic
  • brand logotype
  • brand idea/philosophy
  • brand aesthetics
  • brand colours
  • secondary colours
  • commensurate colour balances
  • brand guidelines
  • brand tools

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