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By: Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland  09-12-2011

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Section 18(1) of the Act requires that a professional member not offer or provide professional services to the public unless the professional member has a permit under Section 12 of the Act.

Permits to Practice are issued to sole proprietorships, partnerships or other associations of persons, and to corporations to offer professional services in its own name if it is satisfactorily demonstrated that the practice will be carried out by professional members who will be in responsible charge.

Honorary Membership in PEGNL may be granted by the PEGNL Board of Directors to a uniquely distinguished person who is not a member of PEGNL.  

Life Membership in PEGNL will be granted to any member upon request who has been a member of PEGNL for at least twenty years, who is at least sixty years of age and retired from professional practice.

An applicant who meets the academic requirements for registration but has not yet met the other requirements for registration as a professional engineer or professional geoscientist may be registered as a Member-in-Training (MIT) in one of two categories, Engineer-in-Training or Geoscientist-in-Training.

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