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By: Steel Mountain Svc Ctr  09-12-2011

Steel Mountain Capital has the necessary capital and expertise to execute purchase transactions as a principal. Below is a partial list of what we purchase.

  1. New Production or Seasoned Loans
  2. Scratch and Dent
  3. First and Second Liens
  4. Non-conforming
  5. Investor and Securitization Fallout, Rejects, Repurchases
  6. Sub-Performing
  7. Non-Performing
  8. Foreclosure
  9. Bankruptcy
  10. REO Properties
  11. Limited and No Income / No Asset Documentation
  12. Insured with PMI, FHA / VA
  13. Uninsured or Greater than 80% LTV without PMI
  14. Manufactured Homes and Chattel
  15. Loans with greater than 100% Loan to Value Ratios
  16. Fix-able Compliance Violation Loans
  17. Current Option ARM Loans

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Steel Mountain Capital :: Our Process

During the due diligence process, if we find anything that potentially adversely affects pricing we will contact you immediately to discuss (i.e., significant FICO drop, significant drop in property value, compliance issues, etc). Once we receive the executed letter back from you, that’s our signal to begin spending money on due diligence. We generally have the files underwritten, pay histories read and BPOs back within 10 business days.