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By: Natural Healing Centre  09-12-2011
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The Natural Healing Centre » BioMeridian


Traditional Chinese Medicine identified thousands of years ago that people have a network of energy pathways that flow through their body, like rivers of energy. Today’s scientists have shown that these energy pathways exist and that the energy can be measured. Acupuncturists call these pathways meridians and the energy that pass through them Qi (“chee”). In order for the body to function at an optimal level you need to have the proper amount of Qi flowing through your meridians. There are 20 pairs of meridians and each pair connects to a different organ in the body. We could compare this system to the electrical wires in your home that supply energy to different parts of the house.

The meridian theory is the study of physiological functions of organs along the meridians. The function of the meridian system is to transport energy and blood, to maintain conductivity and to resist invasion of external factors that contribute to disease. The endless circulation of energy and blood in the meridian causes system imbalance and predisposes the body to disease. The meridian theory has been the guiding principal for the clinical practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Voll, a German physician first developed the technology behind the BioMeridian in the early 40’s; he called it Electroacupuncture According to Voll or EAV. The EAV reads galvanic skin responses through the Chinese acupuncture meridian points located on the hands and feet. Each point is associated with a different organ or body system. These points are more electrically conductive than surrounding tissue. The skin’s normal electrical resistance is 2-4 million Ohms, whereas on acupuncture points it is 100 000 Ohms.

BioMeridian Testing

The BioMeridian is piece of equipment which performs electro-dermal screening. This screening assesses the Acupuncture meridians of the body and thereby gives a general picture of the function of organs and structures located along those meridians. The BioMeridian test provides practitioners with a means of measuring the energetic profiles of organs, glands, immune system organs, the musculoskeletal system and allergies to name a few.

The BioMeridian uses passive electrical energy, like that of an ECG (electrocardiogram) or EEG (electroencephalogram) to take its readings.

Once a reading is taken for each point it is stored in a computer. When all desired points have been tested, the computer will compile a report for analysis. Readings for each point range from 0 to 100. Readings above 55 (which appear red) show excessive energy and suggest inflammation or sensitivity. Readings below 45 (yellow) demonstrate reduced energy, weakness or a chronic condition or organ degeneration. The meridian is balanced when the reading is between 45 and 55 (green). One of the benefits of the technology is that it will frequently detect problems before they would show up on other tests. That’s because energy is one of the first things to be affected as a person moves away from balanced health.

Accurate and professional interpretations of the results of the test are crucial as they help determine a treatment plan for the client. Treatment plans may include dietary or lifestyle changes, vitamin, mineral and/or botanical supplementation, detoxification programs, acupuncture, etc.

To prepare for this test we ask that you refrain from using hand or foot creams and that you remove any jewelry from your person, if possible. There are no needles or puncturing of the skin involved in this test.

BioMeridian testing is not a medical procedure. We recommend that you consult your medical doctor before stopping any medications and we are not responsible for any course of action you pursue as a result of this test.

Allergy/Sensitivity/Intolerance Testing

The BioMeridian contains an extensive database of over 40 000 potential allergens including but not limited to environmental, food and chemical allergens. Using the BioMeridian we can compare the frequency of these allergens to our clients. This gives us the ability to deduce if certain items may cause sensitivities or allergens in our client.

Based on a study by the University of Hawaii, the BioMeridian allergy test had the highest degree of compatibility with a food re-challenge test when compared to other means of assessing allergies. A food re-challenge is where you avoid a particular food for a period of a few weeks and then reintroduce it into the diet to see if the body has a normal reaction or is sensitive or allergic. 300 double blind tests we used comparing allergy diagnostic tools to history, and the BioMeridian proved to be more accurate than skin testing (where an antigen is placed on the skin, and the skin is pricked to see whether or not a histamine response is observed) or RAST test (a test measuring specific IgE antibodies in blood serum) (Lehman, C.W.: The Leukocytic Food Allergy Test: A Study of Its Reliability and Reproducibility. Effect of Diet and Sublingual Food Drops On This Test. Ann. Allerg., 45:150-158, 1980).

Using the same machine that is used for the BioMeridian testing we can also test allergies. Using a database of over 40 000 items we can test environmental, food sensitivities or allergies and much more. The Allergy test can be compared to that of an MRI or X-Ray in that it uses electromagnetic stimuli. Readings 55-59 are sensitivity, readings 60 and above are classified as an allergy, and anything between 45 and 55 is considered to be safe.

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