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By: Electronic Warfare Associates  09-12-2011
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WaveForce is a revolutionary software application designed to describe RF signal timing, modulation, and sequencing at an unprecedented fidelity. Users benefit from WafeForce's intuitive, graphical user interface to quickly and efficiently build accurate representations of very complex signal waveforms and store them in compact digital files.

Under the Blackhawk brand, EWA offers a wide range of advanced XDS510™- and XDS560™-class JTAG controllers for debugging code on Texas Instruments (TI) DSPs, including the high-end XDS560™ Trace System. These IEEE 1149.1-compliant controllers are available in different models to meet various requirements, such as host interface (Ethernet, PCI, and USB), features, performance and budget.

The ARROW Cellular Intercept and the GX Cellular Intercept allow users to intercept, decode, display, and record a variety of cellular data. These technologies provide the warfighter with real-time intelligence that could divulge an adversary’s current activities, planning operations, or threat identifications. The ARROW & GX product line includes:

The Battle Force Electronic Warfare Trainer (BEWT) AN/USQ-T47(V) is a training support device that provides stimulation to onboard tactical electronic warfare systems, including the AN/SLQ-32A(V) and AN/ULQ-16, that give afloat operators the ability to train for tactical operations using actual tactical equipment, and to exercise individual, team, combat systems team, and force level operational scenarios with operator keystroke capture capabilities.

Corelis has developed a wide range of boundary-scan high-performance controllers that are compatible with buses such as USB 2.0, PCI, PCI Express, PXI/cPCI, Ethernet, VME, and VXI. Most of Corelis' boundary-scan controllers operate up to 80MHz sustained TCK frequency. This wide choice of platforms allows you to select the appropriate level and cost of boundary-scan hardware tester for the application while maintaining complete software transportability across all platforms.

Please browse the Boundary Scan Controller products below:

The very affordable BusPro I2C bus analyzer and exerciser is the perfect instrument for engineers who design, verify, and test circuits that incorporate an I2C bus. The BusPro I2C is a powerful instrument which provides traffic monitoring, data logging, interactive debugging, and in-system programming capabilities.

The high performance CAS-1000 I2C/E I2C bus analyzer and exerciser is an enhanced model targeted towards IC verification and parametric testing. The CAS-1000-I2C/E hardware provides the same basic features as the BusPro I2C in addition to more advanced features such as master and slave emulation, bus specification validation, bus parameter measurement, glitch injection, clock stretching, and adjustable timing skew.

The CVXI-JTM is a single-slot, VXIbus C-size module, designed for control, test, and simulation of systems that utilize either the IEEE-1149.5 Standard Backplane Module Test and Maintenance (MTM) bus protocol or the JIAWG Test and Maintenance (TM) bus protocol.

The PCIbus-based PCI-629 and VXIbus-based CVXI-629 modules provide broad ARINC-629 avionics data bus testing capabilities including monitoring of ARINC-629 bus traffic, multiple terminal simulation, and fault insertion and detection.

ScanDIMM Digital Tester modules are an easy to use tool for interconnect testing of memory DIMM sockets. Through the use of boundary-scan technology, the ScanDIMM Tester modules provide fully bi-directional test signals in a DIMM compatible form factor which facilitates testing each of the DIMM socket(s) pins.

The ScanIO-300LV digital I/O module turns a Corelis boundary-scan controller into a powerful digital interconnect and functional tester. It uses boundary-scan compatible ASICs to add control and visibility to connectors, traces, and logic that are otherwise untestable using traditional scan techniques.

The ScanPCI boundary-scan based PCI and Compact PCI Card Tester provides a convenient method to test PCI and Compact PCI boards and their card-edge connectors.  The ScanPCI adds boundary-scan control and visibility to PCI and Compact PCI connectors that would otherwise be untestable or require expensive wiring adapter harnesses.

The ScanPlus Chip Tester is a stand-alone test module used for boundary-scan testing and verification of custom ASIC and other boundary-scan devices. With support for up to 2,040 pins, the ScanPlus Chip Tester is capable of verifying even the highest density and most complex semiconductor devices available.

The ScanTAP IsoPod is an add-on accessory that provides a complete electrical isolation barrier between the target system and the JTAG Test Access Port (TAP). It provides electrical isolation of the JTAG controller TAP signals from the unit under test and enhances the protection of the equipment against harsh electrical environments.

The ScanTAP Relay pod is an add-on accessory that contains electro-mechanical relays for engaging and disengaging the boundary-scan Test Access Port (TAP) signals. It is compatible with the various Corelis ScanTAP intelligent modules and is mostly used when integrating the Corelis boundary-scan test tools with in-circuit testers such as the Agilent 3070.

Since its inception in the mid-eighties and its adoption by the IEEE organization as an international standard, boundary-scan technology has rapidly become the technology of choice for building reliable high technology electronic products with a high degree of testability. Corelis, an EWA company, offers an unparalleled array of boundary-scan tools, training, and consulting services to customers worldwide.

Please browse the Boundary Scan Software products below:

ScanExpress Debugger allows interactive control and observation of all boundary-scan controllable inputs and outputs on a Unit Under Test (UUT). ScanExpress Debugger is an excellent tool for engineers doing debug during prototype testing.

ScanExpress Merge is used to combine multiple target assemblies into a single boundary-scan compatible target system. ScanExpress Merge has many applications, including: motherboard and daughter card(s) assembly testing, multiple card chassis testing, and gang testing of multiple cards.

ScanExpress Programmer is a universal in-circuit programming tool which programs flash memory, serial EEPROM devices, CPLDs and FPGAs. ScanExpress Programmer provides common programming functions including read, erase, blank check, program, verify, device ID check, as well as many other functions. All of these functions can be performed while the target devices are installed in-circuit.

ScanExpress Runner is a test executive tool for performing boundary-scan (JTAG) tests and in-system device programming. ScanExpress Runner applies boundary-scan test patterns to the Unit Under Test (UUT) and provides comprehensive fault detection and isolation of boundary-scan chain infrastructure, board interconnect, buswire, pullup/pulldown resistors, and clusters such as CPLDs, memories, FIFOs and other failures. ScanExpress Runner also supports In-System-Programming (ISP) of CPLDs, Flash memories and serial EEPROM devices as well as functional test capabilities.

ScanExpress Runner Gang enables concurrent (gang) testing and in-system programming of CPLDs and Flash devices for up to 8,192 boards using a single PC and a single operator. ScanExpress addresses very high-speed boundary-scan applications and high-volume production environments.

ScanExpress Viewer is a powerful Graphical Fault Identification System that helps to isolate the source and location of faults encountered during the manufacturing and design of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.

ScanExpress DFT Analyzer intelligently merges various test coverage reports generated by the ScanExpress TPG™ test program generator and generates test coverage information for boards and systems that include a mix of both boundary‑scan and non‑boundary‑scan devices, and helps Design and Test Engineers to increase fault coverage and reduce boundary‑scan test program development time.

ScanExpress JET™ represents a quantum leap in automatic circuit board testing. The JTAG Embedded Test (JET) method extends your UUT boundary-scan structural test coverage to virtually every signal on the board that is accessible by the on-board CPU(s). ScanExpress JET™ utilizes proprietary "JTAG Embedded Test" (JET) technology, which uses a processor’s JTAG debug port to download and control native processor code to perform at-speed functional testing of the UUT.

The ScanExpress TPG™ Intelligent Test Pattern Generator is a next generation automatic boundary-scan test pattern generation tool that takes the process of boundary-scan automation to a new level of performance and ease of use. ScanExpress TPG™ automatically generates test patterns that facilitate the pin-level fault detection and isolation of all boundary-scan testable nets on a printed circuit board (PCB). ScanExpress TPG™ also creates test vectors to detect faults on the pins of non‑scannable components such as clusters and memories that are surrounded by scannable devices.

Call diversion systems--landline or cellular-- shield an individual’s telephone number when contacting various sources such as agents, informants, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), or other targets. Our CD2 Call Diverter can be used for voice, data, and fax communications using a telephone number, and offers offers the most features of any call diversion product, giving the user peace of mind with its unmatched security options. Features include: called ID and wiretap avoidance, world-wide operations automatically configuring itself to be used in any country, remote configuration capability, and lock-tight security.

CommThru, an add-on component to existing communications platforms that enables communication in a jammed environment.

Course Viewer is a computer based training learning management system (CBT-LMS) harnessing the power of ASP.net and AJAX to bring a superior online teaching experience. Course Viewer is unique in that it can be used in either an instructor led or a stand-alone learning environment with no change in configuration.

The ELINT Proficiency Trainer provides signal recognition training on signal characteristics and signal audio, with EWA GSI's Electronic Warfare Scenario Simulator (EWSS) providing the desired signal environment. With an impressive list of features on the main display for active signals, and optional devices to tailor the trainer to your specifications, the ELINT Proficiency Trainer offers a truly unique training resource.

The Electronic Warfare Scenario Simulator (EWSS) provides simulation, modeling and editing of modern Electronic Warfare (EW) scenarios. This system calculates during runtime, electromagnetic wave emission and propagation, platform motion, antenna beam shape, and radar scan patterns in 3-dimensional space.

EWA offers a variety of embedded computing products that range from VME boards, A/D boards to real-time hardware controllers.  These board level products can be used for signal processing, systems control, data acquisition, signal generation, and so much more. Our products include:

EWAPhoenix is a proven, web-based answer to information management for patient tracking, hospital bed tracking, evacuations, shelter management, and all disaster related issues.

A comprehensive set of debugging tools and utilities for embedded DSP development on TI DSPs, such as stand-alone flash programming, are available.

The EWA Tiger Team is a suite of Communication, Intercept, Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (CITTL) technologies that provides the warfighter with a real-time tactical capability for communicating during active jamming and intercepting, analyzing, geo-locating, tagging, and tracking various threat RF emitters and the operators of those emitters.  The EWA Tiger Team technologies work in concert with each other or are available as independent applications addressing specific customer requirement or operational scenario providing proven real-world operational support with various defense agencies anywhere hostile forces are conducting operations.

The GeoStorm Geo-Location System to help locate hostile forces through RF transmissions.  GeoStorm is able to locate RF transmissions with a very high degree of accuracy by using an Advanced Geo-Location techniques.

EWA GSI developed a countermeasure detection and evaluation system for the Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility (ACETEF) that provides for IR countermeasure detection and evaluation, and measures received laser waveforms to determine if the countermeasure was effective. The system can operate integrated into the ACETEF infrastructure, or as a stand-alone system.

Under the Blackhawk brand, EWA provides several different emulation adapters that allow controllers to connect to target boards with different connector configurations, non-standard signals, or isolation problems.

The Mission Rehearsal System (MRS) is a framework that allows independent software simulations to interact with a simulated environment (such as an Electronic Warfare Scenario Simulator) and to communicate with each other. The MRS maintains the 3D environment allowing the placement of simulations in any location and at any angle. Devices are linked using a graphical editor allowing a signal path to be established. All signal data and interactivity with the simulated environment is via publicly available interfaces. 

The HALO remote weapon networking solution gives facility and compound security teams the ability to implement remote weapon systems across large distances and multiple locations. The HALO network consists of a fiber optic architecture that supports ranges over 10km. It has both redundant and independent video and C2I, limiting counter-attack vulnerability. It also features a supervisor position for resource management, and supports multiple and redundant control centers.

A modularized, self-contained power distribution unit (PDU) for tactical military shelter systems that can be replaced in under 30 minutes on site by unit level maintenance.

The RF Smart Tag is a radio frequency tag that can be programmed by the user for multiple operational modes to provide tracking information of intended targets. It can operate as a simple FR beacon or, when used with the optional GSP module, it can transmit GSP data or act as a GPS data logger.

Identivoice 2000 identifies non-cooperative speakers from a group of target speakers. The system requires a sample of speech from the target but does not require the targeted individual to say a particular phrase or even speak the same language to be recognized.

Surface Electronic Warfare Team Trainer (SEWTT) is a software application representing the next generation tactical training. SEWTT follows its successful predecessor BEWT (Battle Force Electronic Warfare Trainer), incorporating all of BEWT's capabilities and adding Fleet requested capabilities in a software only package. SEWTT also includes major user interface upgrades while removing the need for separate BEWT hardware on board ship.

The All Source Analysis System (ASAS) Analyst Control Element (ACE) consists of three M-877 Electronic Equipment Shelters which fit onto HMMWV trucks. Each unit is customizable to meet customer requirements such as rack configurations, weight, quick reaction repairs, upgrades, and enhancements to units that have been deployed.

The VIKING tactical mobility mission planner portable software applications, serves as your full lifecycle mission planner to plan, rehearse, and review tactical missions in a 3D environment. VIKING features an intuitive mission checklist, a Gantt Chart styled mission timeline with a bump plan, and after action review feature. VIKING's 3D world is second to none, with accurate vehicle physics, realistic vehicle response to various environments, lifelike visual acuity in various environments, and physically and aesthetically realistic water environments.

The Tactical Monitor Stand is a ruggedized, portable monitor stand that allows for tilt adjustment and laptop storage under the stand during operation. Ideal for LCD monitors in tactical field use, the stand comes with a carrying handle and optional quick wall mount accessory.

Tailwind™ is a multi-tasking POSIX®-compliant API layer for the TI DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel. Tailwind executes on top of the TI DSP/BIOS™ kernel providing real-time operating system APIs for middleware and user applications including, but not limited to, military, industrial, and software-defined radio markets that require IEEE POSIX® or SCA compliance.

TALON™ is a POSIX®-compliant, real-time operating system optimized for TI DSPs. The TALON™ RTOS suite includes version that support C24x, C3x, C4x, C54x, C55x, C62x, C67x, C64x, and c64XP instruction set architectures from TI.

The Black Hole wireless intercept system can capture, decode, search, and identify wireless internet traffic generated on wireless networks. Black Hole is a Windows based solution for network surveys, intelligence operations, and network testing. Requiring a COTS wireless access card and a standard PC host, users can scan all 802.11 a/b/g channels and target any channel to capture and reconstruct live internet traffic.

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