By: James Baird  09-12-2011
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Our only rule is "Buy what you love."

Building an art collection essentially involves deciding who should we collect and where should we put the art? James Baird's role as an art consultant will try to answer these questions making the assembly of an art collection a meaningful and rewarding experience. Our role is to escort clients through the sometime perplexing world of the visual arts. There are many galleries throughout the country: the process of art selection can be a daunting experience.

When dealing with corporate collections we assist in assuring that the collection reflect the sensibilities of the corporation. Establishing a mission statement for the corporation's collection, then presenting a variety of works that both fulfill that mandate and provide a positive working environment.

Once the basis of the collection has been established, we will assist with all explorations through slides, studio visits, gallery visits, etc. We will develop short lists of art work, allowing you to try art out in your space, and then make selections that will best reflect your goals.

We provide background and biographical details on each artist: pamphlets, exhibition catalogues, reviews in art magazines etc. James Baird can also arrange artist visits to the client's site and when appropriate develop site specific works to suit the client.


James Baird offers rental agreements, leasing contracts as well as interest free financing to clients of the gallery. Please inquire as to how we can assist you make the best choice for your circumstance.


James Baird offers a variety of practical services.

Our Services include:

  • * Artwork selection and placement
  • * Deliveries
  • * Installation
  • * Crating and storage
  • * Arrange shipments worldwide


James Baird can appraise works of art for insurance valuations, for resale and for gifting. The cost of insurance appraisal is minimal if the client will endeavour to provide the necessary pertinent data.


James Baird can assist you in all manner of conservation and restoration requirements. Through our liaisons with fully qualified professional art restorers, paper conservators and other fine art professionals, James Baird can facilitate the repair or refurbishment of damaged works of art.


In an effort to ensure that our client's are always pleased with the art works that they have acquired from James Baird>Pouch Cove, we have maintained a policy that we will accept any art work that we have sold as a trade in on any other piece of art the gallery offers for sale.

While no fixed amount or percentage can be calculated from acquisition, we have consistently supported both our artists and our clients through this policy. This is also where a quantity of our inventory is realized for artists who we do not represent.

James Baird also accepts art by many artists as a "trade in" on a new acquisition from our inventory. Please inquire about this service.

Occasionally, James Baird also accepts work on consignment for resale through our exhibition space. Please inquire should you have something you wish to sell. We also can recommend local and national auction houses whenever appropriate.


James Baird is always looking for talented artists in a variety of mediums, in particular painting, in all its forms. Should you consider your work compatible with our current offerings, the most effective method to approach us is through one of the artists we already represent, and ask them to submit your work to us.

Failing that, you can send your portfolio to us including a CV, slides or disc, reviews, catalogues, and price list noting available inventory along with a SASE. Allow thirty days for review.

Keywords: Art, artists