CareGivers Services - Crisis Care Program

By: Caregivers  09-12-2011

This program has been in place since January 2010, and we are seeing some very positive outcomes including a reduction in the number of critical incidents in the first 30 days in care.

Our Crisis Care Program provides a safe and comfortable place for children and families in transition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staffed with a trained and caring team of people permanently assigned to each home, we provide a welcoming environment for up to 5 children and youth (normally ages 2 and up) for up to 30 days. We know that when a family is in transition, emotions are high and there are a lot of questions. Our supportive staff work with children and families to answer their questions, provide guidance and support, and most of all, help children feel secure and supported. During this time, we work closely with social workers, counsellors, teachers, families, and other people in the circle of care to create the best plan for each child to ensure they do well. By the end of the 30 day period, a formal transition plan is in place that identifies placement options, family support requirements, medical, academic, developmental and social and cultural needs of the child, as well as any requirements for additional specialized assessment.

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CareGivers Services - Residential Treatment

One of the key strengths of the CareGivers program is that we are focused on helping resilient youth develop internal controls and recognize that they often have not developed the self regulation skills that are needed to behave in ways that serve them well.


CareGivers Services - Private Duty Nursing and Clinic Services

If you’d rather have the convenience of a scheduled home, office, or clinic appointment for routine healthcare, then our private duty nursing and clinic services are right for you. Consider the convenience of a scheduled time for blood work, a flu shot in the comfort of your living room, or a cholesterol screening while still at your desk.


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At CareGivers we don't just work with clients, through encouragement and kindness we ease worries, develop friendships, and help you regain a sense of independence. We want our clients and their families to have peace of mind that we are providing the highest quality of care. Having a CareGiver can be one of the best decisions you've ever made. Among the most trusted in home care delivery.


CareGivers Services - Residential Care for Children and Youth

Individual service delivery plans are created for each child, but all program elements are designed to support safe environments, as well as wide-variety of supports and interventions that are trauma-sensitive, family involved and developmentally appropriate. We offer short term care as well as longer term residential treatment and we support home-like environments.