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By: Town Of Paradise  09-12-2011
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Covering / Enclosing Household Garbage

May 1st to November 30th each year
In an effort to keep Paradise clean, the Town is adopting the following regulation:
Residents are advised that effective May 1, 2005 residential garbage is to be covered or enclosed in an appropriate container. Residents can use nets, tarpaulins, blankets, etc or garbage boxes or garbage containers. All garbage is to be placed in regular sized garbage bags whichever method of covering is used. Garbage boxes are to be located 1.5 to 3 meters off the road right-of-way. All other requirements of the Town’s existing garbage regulations shall also remain in effect.


Any garbage not covered, will NOT be collected and the property owner will be required to remove such garbage from the street. If such garbage is not removed by the owner and has to be cleaned up by the Town, the total cost of such a cleanup will be invoiced to the property owner and may also be subject to fines as set out in the Town’s Municipal Maintenance By-Laws. Residents will be required to cover garbage between May 1 st and November 30 th each year.

The Town of Paradise thanks its residents for their cooperation on these matters.

For further information, please contact the Town hall at 782-1400.

Garbage Refuse and Disposal

Garbage is to be placed at the roadside no earlier than 6:00 am and before 8:00 am of the morning your area is scheduled for collection. Garbage should not be left out at the roadside overnight.

Garbage should be placed in an approved polyethylene garbage bag. The maximum weight of any one garbage bag should not exceed 50lbs/22kgs. Kitchen catchers and shopping bags are not permitted.

In order to prevent bags from being torn open by various birds and animals it is recommended that the garbage be placed in either a well constructed garbage box or standard 20 gallon/80 L garbage container. Corrosive agents such as bleach should not be placed on the bags as this practice could cause injury to the garbage collector or any individual that may come in contact with the bags.

Bags containing broken glass should be marked accordingly.

Garbage bags and containers should be placed within 10ft. (3m) of the street where there is no curb or sidewalk. Where there is a curb or sidewalk, the garbage bags and containers should be placed as close to the curb as possible without blocking the sidewalks.

Permanent garbage boxes must be located on the home owner’s property a distance no less than 1.5m (5ft.) and not more than 3.0m (10ft.) off the road right of way.

NOTE: Property boundaries are not necessarily identified by curbs and/or ditches. If uncertain of the location of a property boundary please contact the Town office.

Special garbage collection for items other than regular household garbage is collected every Saturday with the first Saturday of the month reserved for metal items such as household appliances. Car parts or tires will not be collected. Please contact the Town office by at least the Friday before you wish to have items picked up.

If your garbage has not been collected by 3:30 pm on the day it is scheduled, please contact the Town office.

Garbage Collection Schedule


All streets in Topsail Pond/Three Island Pond area (past abandoned railbed). St. Thomas Line side streets from Picco Drive to St. Phillips boundary. Valley Ridge Subdivision. Effective Sept. 21-09 - Byrnes Road, Brandywind Place, Hickeys Road, Quiltys Road & St. Thomas Line (Up to & including Deborah Lynn Heights).


Angela Place
Blueberry Creek
Christopher Street
Clearview Heights
Drover’s Road
Glenderek Drive
Gosse’s Road
Harcourt Road
Heightview Drive
Irving Drive
Karwood Estates
Kinsdale Drive
Mallow Drive
Octagon Heights
Rockcliffe Avenue
Sanderling Place
Shelby Street
Stanhope Drive
St. Anne’s Industrial Park
Sunset Gardens
Tanya Place
Topsail Road ( Up to & including Christopher St.)
Trail’s End Subdivision
Aurora Place
Carrisbrooke Place
Hector Place
Imogene Crescent
Mastiff Place
Merlyn Drive
Osprey Place
Porteus Place
Ranger Avenue
Ungava Street
Wynnford Drive


Acharya Place
Adams Pond Road
Archibald Drive
Bernard Drive
Brisbane Court
Camrose Drive
Cormorant Place
Country Road
Crosbie Clarke Road/Inwood Crescent
Deborah Lynn Heights
Dina Place
Discovery Crescent
Donna Road
Elmer Place
Gail Place
Grandview Avenue
Gregg Avenue
Hussey’s Road
Janal’s Road
Karwood Estates
Kestrel Drive
Kipawa Drive
Mallow Drive off Paradsie Road
Milton Road
Milton Road (New Area)
Paradise Road
Pleasantview Avenue
Robert’s Heights
Robb’s Road
Southview Drive
Starlight Drive
Stormont Street
Sunvalley Drive
Venton Place
Woodville Drive



Ashgrove Drive
Ashlen Crescent
Brittany Drive
Carberry Place
Corcoran’s Road
Dakota Place
Desray Crecsent
Evergreen Village Trailer Park
Greenfields Place
Highlands Estates Sub.
Lanark Drive
Madison Place
Newdale Road
Pinehill Place
Plateau Park
Ridgewood Drive
Rosewell Place
Steven’s Road
Stonewall Drive
Sullivan’s Road
Summitt Drive
Topsail Road (From Christopher Street to West boundary Woodstock)
Topsail Pond Road (To abondoned bedrail)
Washington Place
Windmill Road
Woodstock Gardens



Elizabeth Park & Kenora Place/Hancock Place

Special Garbage Collection

Residents of the Town of Paradise are reminded that a special garbage collection is available every Saturday as follows:

1.Metal collection is reserved for the 1st Saturday of each month.
2.Other items are collected the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturday of each month.

Listed below are some of the items that are picked up for special pick-up.

Non-metal items

Furniture, wood 4 Ft. tied & bundled, toys, books, cardboard, carpet, underlay, flooring, mattress, box spring, gyprock (broken down boxed/bagged), TV's, toilet, vanity sink, glass (boxed and marked GLASS), leaves (bagged), large and small wooden doors, large and small wooden windows (glass wrapped).

Please Note: Wood, boards, siding, tree branches and bushes should be no longer than 4 feet in length and tied up in small bundles.

Fridge, stoves, hot water boilers, deep freezers, vacuum,dish washers, metal tables & chairs, microwave oven, VCR, computer, monitor, washers, dryers, swing set (dismantled), bicycles, BBQ ( no tanks), bath tubs, screen & metal doors, lawn mowers, empty paint cans (lids off), metal windows .

Items we DON'T pick up
Propane tanks and cylinders, oil tanks, car parts, no motors of any kind, paints, car batteries, tires, chemical products, oils, hazardous waste materials, trees and stumps, earthen, brick or concrete materials, home renovation/building materials.

Residents must contact the Town Hall to schedule an appointment for Special Garbage Pick Up. For further information, please call the Town Hall at 782-1361.

Grass Clippings
Residents are advised that for 2006 the town will not be collecting grass clippings from the previously designated drop-off locations.

Residents are advised that grass clippings can be put out with regular garbage on the regular scheduled garbage day. As an alternative to disposing grass clippings with regular garbage, the following suggestions are offered:

* Residents can cut lawns more frequently thereby eliminating the need to rake up the clippings. Leaving clippings on the lawn provides excellent nutrients for the lawn.
* Use a lawn mower with a mulching blade that mulches the grass clippings.
* Grass clippings can be composted.

Keywords: Garbage Collection

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