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By: Fleet Technology  09-12-2011
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BMT Fleet Technology provides integrated engineering services that span many industry sectors, and we are continuously asked to provide new and more effective solutions to client needs.  Canadian and international clients can draw upon a range of specialist capabilities in Canada and the UK from materials and welding to naval architecture, marine engineering, cold regions and environmental specialties.  Through the integration of these disciplines, the company delivers comprehensive solutions for clients' unique problems.


Our company grew out of the need to develop specialized approaches to the challenges presented by projects in low temperature environments.  We remain at the forefront of developments in marine and land-based engineering; addressing structures, systems, materials and operational issues.  We are active worldwide on behalf of private and public-sector clients, in projects that range from providing applied research to th e development of turnkey solutions.

Audits, when conducted effectively and efficiently have a positive impact on business performance and customer/ supplier relationships.  They are a key driver for continuous improvement strategies both internally and externally with your suppliers. 

Industries and governments at all levels are faced with increasingly stringent and diverse environmental constraints and also strive to be good corporate citizens.  BMT provides technical and operational support to assist in achieving this goal.  Our offering specializes in services to the marine, transport and civil/industrial sectors.

BMT Fleet Technology  provides comprehensive services for both welding inspection and process audits which can be utilized individually or combined to provide the client one-stop shopping for quality improvement and production enhancement.

BMT provides a range of services to help clients support their assets in-service.  These services provide a means to ensure that the performance of the asset is appropriate to meet the operating requirement, assure safety and minimize associated costs.  Our fundamental approach is first to understand how the client's asset can fail to perform its function, and then to ensure that the asset, operating regime and maintenance regime are appropriate.  This service is tailored to the needs of the client at a variety of levels including: component level analysis of the structure or mechanical system and its loading; a mechanistic failure or safety assessment; system level analysis of the effectiveness of the client's systems, processes and resources; and investigation of service failures to identity the mechanisms and causes.

BMT Fleet Technology has capabilities that span the whole Marine Engineering spectrum, providing customers with impartial and independent technical support for their projects.  With the support of a worldwide group of BMT companies and our own ‘in house' expertise, we can provide appropriate solutions, innovative approaches and unique support to meet all our customers' objectives.

The Materials and Welding Technology division conducts research, development and engineering in support of clients in the resource, steel, transportation, pipeline, mining, aerospace, rail, power generation, manufacturing and fabrication industries.

The Civil Engineering Division provides comprehensive services which include studies and reports, preliminary engineering, development of detailed design, preparation of contract documents, supervision, inspection and contract administration for a wide variety of projects.  We meet with our client to determine the requirements and scope of the assignment, and take a leading role to ensure that the objectives are met on time and within budget.  Our clients are always kept informed and up to date on the progress of the project.  Deliverables are produced in a timely fashion and are of the highest quality.

BMT specializes in the design, development, support and assessment of ships and marine structures.  The company offers an unparalleled scope of services for design, through service support, maintenance, defect investigations, safety, materials and disposal.  Specialized vessels, facilities and services beyond structural, mechanical, electrical and systems support are also available.  The company is able to offer support and expertise as a ‘customer friend' as well as a prime contractor at any stage of a project.  With the support of a worldwide group of BMT companies we can provide appropriate solutions, innovative approaches and unique support to meet all our customers' objectives.

Our R&D trained and hands-on service experienced welding engineers, technologists, metallurgists and mechanical engineers provide code compliance, trouble shooting and production engineering support that makes the difference.  Our full range of materials testing and welding capabilities make the development of proven holistic solutions readily available to enhance product throughput, increase quality and service life and maximize structural integrity.

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Services, Integrated Engineering, Welding

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