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By: Omni Laboratories  09-12-2011
Keywords: Building Blocks, Grain Density, Routine Core Analysis,

At Weatherford Laboratories, there is nothing routine about routine core analysis. We take a tailored approach to conventional testing, working closely with clients from project inception to develop the best analytical program for the best price. And we are renowned for building flexibility into the process.

Routine measurements are performed on whole core or plugs and form the building blocks of effective reservoir characterization. In recent years, however, "routine" core analysis has become increasingly complex as clients move into new E&P frontiers that pose unique technical challenges. Weatherford Laboratories is exceptionally well placed to assist with those challenges by providing diverse experience, proprietary processes and equipment, and an outstanding laboratory infrastructure around the world.

Total Core Gamma
Spectral Core Gamma
Core Photography
Core Slabbing
Core Preservation
Plug Cutting
Plug Drilling
Plug Mounting
Miscible Extraction
Fluid Saturation by Dean Stark Method
Percussion Sidewall Core Analysis
Rotary Sidewall Core Analysis
Sidewall and Rotary Compilation Report
Laser Grain Size Analysis
Sieve Analysis
Permeability and Porosity at Net Confining Stress
Grain Density
Bulk Density
Salinity Analysis
Soxhlet Cleaning
Fast Track Analysis
Profile Permeability
Whole Core Analysis
Cleaning Studies
Permeability Studies
CT Scanning & Slab Orientation

Keywords: Building Blocks, Grain Density, Routine Core Analysis,

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