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By: Dyall Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Communication Skills, Staff Training , Grief Recovery

Explore our services and learn how Dyall Consulting can help your organization grow, through its employees.

Here's what we can do for you

With you as a partner, we can provide staff training services for you which are aimed at fostering productivity, innovation, and a climate of success in the workplace.

We can design and deliver for you, training in the areas of quality of services, customer services, teambuilding skills, leadership, as well as essential and advanced communication skills.

We can work around your schedule and customize workshops from two hours to two weeks in length.

We can develop various activities to build staff relations through stress relief, building camaraderie, breaking down barriers and improving staff communications.

Every workshop provides knowledge through full participation, accelerates the learning curve, develops client centered behaviours, and more importantly it's FUN.

Please review our website and get a better understanding of the various workshops we can offer to you and your staff.

“Leading Groups” through Facilitation

This workshop is designed and structured to maximize experiential learning and demonstrations of various group facilitation and leadership skills. Participants will have a better understanding of the phases of leadership development and the facilitation processes and promote interaction in groups while managing potentially difficult situations when they arise.

Successful Teambuilding

This workshop is designed to facilitate teambuilding and transition to collaborative management. Your staff will have loads of fun, while taking part in dynamic team building activities. We offer one hour, half-day, full day and multi-day team building activities centered on your particular business lines applications. We make your event fun memorable and more importantly results oriented.

Jenny Dyall is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with 14 years experience in this field of work. She delivers a Grief Recovery Outreach Program for those seeking to identify and recover from unresolved losses in their lives. This program offers a Step-by-Step process for recovery from significant emotional loss, for ending isolation and self sabotage, and for regaining happiness and joy.

The Grief Recovery Outreach Program guides those wishing to resolve loss issues to move beyond their pain to discover a richer quality of life.

Most people associate Grief with Death of a Loved One. But death is just one loss that results in Grief. There are many others, such as: Separation and Divorce, Loss of Health, Loss of Trust, Unemployment, Retirement, just to name a few.

For your convenience, both group counselling sessions and individual counselling sessions are available. As a result of participating in this process, one’s life can become more enriched, more alive and more fulfilled than ever before.

Other workshops available

  • Developing a “Spirit of Service”
  • Reception skills, “Serving the Public”
  • Team Management Skills
  • Conflict within Team, “Working better together”
  • Essential Communication Skills
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • “Coping” with Change and Transition in the workplace
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Crucial Conversational Skills
  • Personal Power and Problem solving Initiatives
  • Presentation Preparation and Delivery Skills

Keywords: Communication Skills, Grief Recovery, Staff Training , Staff Training Services