JLco - Manufactured Products

By: Jamestown Lumber  09-12-2011

Before Jamestown lumber incorporated in 1974 much of the timber cut in the area was shipped as rough lumber to finishing mills on the Avalon Peninsula. Jamestown Lumber also supplied pulpwood to the Labrador Linerboard mill in the 1970's, shipping overland by train. In the late 1980's we expanded woods operations, allowing better control of size and quality characteristics of our logs. Quality control now starts in the forest. Newfoundland fibre is known for it's superior quality. Due to the climate the timber is slow growing which results in close grain and small encased knots. As Jamestown Lumber acquired better equipment product development grew in importance. Thin kerf band resaws are used to produce high quality six inch and eight inch clapboard. Air dried V-joint paneling and sized studs are other examples of our specialty products. Jamestown Lumber's product-line primarily consists of softwood species. Furthermore 90 per cent of that product is harvested Black Spruce. The primary woodlands harvesting areas are those managed by Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. or provincial Crown Lands. Below are some of the standard products availible from our mill.

Our mill concentrates on precision trims of nominal 8' lumber although trims of 4', 5', 6', & 7' lengths are also available. For more information on custom orders: Our Mill currently has approx. 60,000 green metric tons of ready to ship Bio-Mass in designated onsite stockpiles. For more information on 'Wood Residue':