By: Ids Offshore  09-12-2011
Keywords: Vessels, Oil Spill


IDS Offshore is currently developing two types of unmanned, self-powered vessels: Large, high power and capacity vessels for performing intensive or lengthy operations; and small, cost-effective vessels for low power data gathering missions.

The primary reason for using unmanned vessels is to prevent humans for being exposed to unnecessary danger such as harsh, hostile environments, or unsuitable processes. 

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The greatest challenge in responding to major oil spills is assembling and mobilizing personnel, ships and equipment quickly and safely. IDS Offshore is creating self-deploying oil spill containment and response equipment to circumvent the immediate need for specially equipped ships to be on scene in the first, critical hours of an incident.

To better understand and mitigate changes in, and our impact on the environment it is becoming increasingly important to monitor lakes, rivers, estuaries and coastal areas. Fixed infrastructure can be extremely costly to install and maintain, and many areas are difficult to access safely.

IDS Offshore is developing a suit of versatile, economical vessels to gather data for these purposes.

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Keywords: Oil Spill, Vessels