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By: Ewa Environmental  09-12-2011
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Services Provided by EWA Environmental Inspections  

Indoor/Exterior Mold Inspections (Residential and Commercial) - EWA Envrionmental Inspections will come into your structure, do a complete inspection for mold inside and outside of the structure and provide a complete written report on our findings.  If further action needs to be taken,  will will suggest the most cost effective way to do it.  If needed,  we will proceed with either solid surface testing or an indoor air quality (IAQ) Test upon consent of the property owner.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing - EWA Envrionmental Inspections will take air samples from various parts of the structure and have them professionally analyzed by our labratory to see if there are increased contaminants in the air.  This could be mold, asbestos, carbon monoxide and others.

Asbestos Testing - EWA Envrionmental Inspections will take samples of the areas that are thought to contain asbestos.  We will then send our samples to our labratory for verification and suggest further actions after the results are returned.

Lead Testing - EWA Envrionmental Inspections can quickly test products, water, paint etc.  for lead.  this includes pipes, childrens toys as well as other items

Thermal Imaging Inspections - EWA Environmental Inspections has the latest technology Infrared thermal imaging camera that can provide various services for our clients.  It can find problem areas inside walls, ceilings, roofs and other areas.  I can also find various problems with electrical components, machines, bearings and many other items.  IR technology is a growing sector and can save you money when looking for these problems.

Home Efficiency Testing - EWA Envrionmental Inspections will come to your home with our IR camera and provide you with written report on the energy efficency of your structure.  We can find insulation voids in walls, around windows, in roofs and then provide you with suggestions to fix these problems to make your home more energy efficent.

Pre/Post Remediation Inspections - EWA Environmental Inspections will come in before and after a water, sewer or mold damage remediation has occured and verify what needs to be done and provide a clean "bill of health" after the remediation has been completed so you have peice of mind for your family.

Drinking water testing - EWA Environmental Inspections will take samples of your drinking water and have them analyzed by our labratory and a written report containing what they found will be included.

Full Site Inspections - EWA Environmental Inspections will provide a complete site inpsection containing a full report for the exterior and interior of your property,  great for when you are purchasing or selling property.

We can provide various environmental inspections at our clients request.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs

The EWA Environmental Inspection Team

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