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By: Royal K9  09-12-2011
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All boarding dogsare like extended family during their stay at Royal K9.

Our main facility is 2800 sq feet offering each dog their own spacious indoor heated 4x4 run. There are eleven separate outside socialization courtyards ranging from 10x10 up to 30x35 in size, and lots of play time to be had, room to stretch and fresh air to be sniffed.

Inside,we have a 800 square foot exercise room where our guests have lots of space to move around, play and socialize. Their personal runs are for eating, sleeping and relax time. No one wants to lay around all day when there are lots of playtime, friends and exercise to be had. If you have a senior dog, unsocial dog, or dog that needs restricted exercise we can accomadate you.

We provide the bedding of pillows, blankets, and comforters. Stainless steel bowls are provided as they can be properly sanitized daily. We have many toys, along with lots of love and attention to share. All you need to bring is your dogs food, treats and chewies.

We do not accept personal blankets, pillows and bedding for hygienic sanitary reasons, so if you feel the need please just bring a small article of clothing for the comforts of the smell from home.

Those pets that are taking medication, needing eye drops, ear cleaners or special needs an extra fee will apply.

  Vaccination records are required for your pet to be a guest at Royal K9, we also have a mandatory Flea preventative program all year round - 365 days a year. If you dog is on a regular flea treatment such as sentinel, advantage, or the atopic kind, (Zodiac, vetkem etc) please bring all your records. If not we will supply the Flea preventative upon arrival for a $10 fee. Our treatment is good for 30 days.

IMPORTANT: Bordatella (Kennel Cough) is a contagious K9 illness. With sneezing, coughing/hacking & possible runny nose, they can get it pretty much anywhere dogs are together. Having your dog vaccinated at least a month prior to coming to a boarding kennel, daycare area or even the vet office is a good idea for prevention.

This can be treated with antibiotics and extra TLC, but can cause worry and concern for the owner. Remember, even with vaccination, your dog could still get Kennel cough. Like the flu it is passed through the air an effected dog breaths out. A dog can be infected and no one even know until days or a week later. It has nothing to do with cleanliness, or anyone's fault. It happens and we need to be educated about it and vaccinate against it.

Dog Boarding Prices - (Subject to change without notice, subject to HST)

One dog per Condo - $22.00 (Per 24 hrs) 

Christmas Season -  $2.00 extra per dog

2 dogs one Condo - $42.00 (Per 24 hrs) 

2 dogs two separate condos $43.00 (Per 24 hrs)   

Prices for longer stays are discounted, call for a quote. We have weekly rates, 2 week rates, etc.

Not during the Christmas season

Cat Boarding:

Cat boarding is offered with a quiet area away from the dogs. We have 3 kitty condos that can have a maximum of 2 cats from the same family. We offer back ground music for relaxing, or a little cat nip to have some fun. They all have their own space with litter boxes, scratching/climbing posts a fish aquarium for mental stimulation and TLC from the staff. We supply the bowls, litter boxes and kitty litter. Please bring your cats food.

 We take small pets as well, such as, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. But only in their own cages.

Prices (Prices are subject to change without notice).

One cat: $10.00 per night - Per 24 hrs

Two cats: (In one condo)  $17.00 per night

    If your cat requires special attention due to age, diet or illness (medicine) we will be happy to help, as we have a Veterinarian technician on staff. Extra Fees will apply.

All guests require a reservation and a credit card on file at Royal K9. We require you pay for your pets stay up front upon arrival. 

In the peak seasons (Easter to Mid October - All Holiday weekends, and the month of December) if you return early and pick up your dog early there will NOT be a refund, due to full capacity limited space.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and cash. NO personal Cheques and or American Express

 Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation 48 hrs before your booking there will be no charge, and we appreciate it.

If you cancel within 24hrs there is a $35.00 charge. 

 If there is no notice, such as same day, or If you forget to call and cancel, someone else could suffer not being able to board their pet and there will be a $50.00 charge.

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Keywords: dog, Flea Treatment, Pets

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