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By: Nith Valley Solar  09-12-2011
Keywords: Inverter, Renewable Energy Solutions, solar array


Renewable Energy Solutions


Independent of the utility. A Solar array charges a battery bank. The DC power passes through an inverter to supply AC power to the house's main distribution panel. Often a generator is used to recharge batteries during times of insufficient sunlight.

The power produced by the solar array can be used directly by the house loads or when excess is generated, can be fed back into the grid. A battery bank is incorporated to supply power during the utility grid outages. Automatic switching disconnects from the grid and goes to battery backup until the grid is restored.

Power outages can occur from any interruption of the utility electrical grid such as storms, blackouts or bownouts. No noisy or fuel hungry backup generators are needed. This is a battery based system, employing an Inverter/Charger that keeps the Battery Bank fully charged and ready. When called upon, it switches to battery power. A dedicated sub-panel connected to the inverter runs critical loads such as refrigeration, lighting and furnace. These systems are Solar Ready if you choose to add an optional Solar Electric PV array at a later date and produce your own power.

Keywords: Inverter, Renewable Energy Solutions, solar array