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By: Nis Systems  09-12-2011

Purchasing Options « NIS-SYSTEMS



  • Option A pricing is an upfront purchase model with Maintenance and Support provided additionally
  • Option B is a monthly fee model with Maintenance and Support included.
  • Both options will be installed and run from inside your office.  Option B can be hosted by NIS-Systems for $100 per month per provider and $45/month for additional user.

We are partners with leading hardware manufacturers Dell and HP to provide the best options for our customers while leaving the final decision with them.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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Implementation « NIS-SYSTEMS

Realizing the full potential of a digital environment, our consultants can lend expertise to every step of the full enterprise of the health-care information system implementation and can provide you with the resources necessary to create solutions that are tailored to your needs. A working understanding of the implementation and functions of Vista, FOIA Vista, Open Source Vista, GUI Open Vista ASP, and Vista Office EMR.


Services & Support « NIS-SYSTEMS

Our team of technical consultants, product support technicians, and network and system engineers are here to deliver the hands-on training, troubleshooting, and project management required to smoothly carry-out any healthcare information system endeavor.Our team delivers workplace training on the Aprima EHR/PM software.


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Flexible Charting Options:Data point charting – data entry choices can be managed on the flyTyping or quick notesUtilization of Dragon – dictate directly into the note.Built in dictation to transcription module. Strong Practice Management Tools – Know where your money is at all times. Single Database, Single Application – lowers total cost of ownership. Built in PQRI Reporting Capability. / / Features & Benefits.


Stimulus Plan « NIS-SYSTEMS

These funds will be spent on projects related to:Standards evaluation and developmentInfrastructure for health information exchange Grants to states for the purpose of furthering EHR adoptionImprovements in telemedicine deliveryThe establishment of Regional Health IT Resource Centers.


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The MobileSight Network Video System delivers real time camera sourced video over wired and wireless networks which can be displayed and managed on almost any networked computer display device, including Desktop PCs, notebooks, wireless tablets, wireless Pocket PCs and windows based mobile phones.


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Aprima is an electronic health record and practice management system designed as one application and one database, using the latest and most robust architecture and development tools. Aprima PRM has been optimized for small to medium physician practices, with the capability to grow with those practices as they add new physicians and locations. The result is a stable, fast, highly efficient, and cost effective EHR/PM system.


Aprima EHR Certified Reseller « NIS-SYSTEMS

Aprima is a single application built on a single database which has no templates and provides adaptive learning capability which automatically adjusts to how you practice with no programming required. Aprima’s product releases have consistently met CCHIT criteria dating back to the first ambulatory EHR review by CCHIT in 2006.