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By: Ninme  09-12-2011
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WaPo Blogs – In China, ‘Egypt’ and ‘Cairo’ have vanished Imagine typing “Egypt” or “Cairo” into a Web portal’s search engine and seeing no stories about the massive protests in Egypt over the past week. That’s what’s happening in China right now. It’s a sign that the Chinese government fears the democratic movement brewing in [..]

I love this story: “10 billionth app” Mom hung up on Apple Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK was the winner of Apple’s 10 billion App Store download contest. The UK mother won the contest with the Paper Glider application that was downloaded by one of her daughters using an iPod touch. In a comical [..]

“I love the internet sometimes”: Auto-Tune the News Hits the Billboard Top 100 Watch the videos. The first half of the first one if you haven’t seen it already, then the second one, then go find a dsl line and hug it.

Watch this video. Soldiers! AND babies! I defy you to get at LEAST a little misty-eyed! And I hadn’t even THOUGHT of the deaf people! Apple <3 Peter says they played this video at the keynote, and at the sign language part everyone erupted in applause. And really. Yay!

This is very funny: Andrew McDonald – A PICTORIAL GUIDE TO AVOIDING CAMERA LOSS Australians.

Times Online – Complaints force Google to remove Street View images<br/> Since launching its controversial mapping service yesterday, Google has been forced to remove scores of images after complaints from the public Google has been forced to remove scores of pictures from Street View, its controversial mapping service, following complaints from users who believe the [..]

Brett McS sent me this today: “Future Train. Cute!” Session Magazine – ULTra – Future Personal Train and ULTra – ULTra is a revolution in sustainable public transport, providing on-demand driverless travel Why not me?!

We have a priest from New Zealand visiting and he’s new to blogging so I’m showing him some thrilling new options.

Peter updated me to WordPress 2.6, which has an iPhone app, which, so the legend goes, has photo uploading capabilities. Which should come in pretty handy for, ah, travelling (untethered to a laptop woo!). So let’s see. As a test, I give you Peter’s iPhone 3G and my little old phone taken with my first [..]

Where’s My Cell Phone.com: Curtsy: Vanderleun – Bookmark “Where’s My &*%&! Cellphone?” Now! This may be the single most humane page on the Internet. I’ll friggin say.

So, was it all worth it? Now: pictures! (too much for one night?)

Peter bought an iPhone. He’s been on about it since the damned thing came out, but last week he discovered that, due to a happy error in his spreadsheet, he had more money than he thought. So he kept saying, “Should I buy an iPhone? Should I buy an iPhone?” So there we stood in [..]

Since you were desperate to know. The Telegraph – Ban in-flight mobiles Here are some words to chill the blood: “I’m on a plane. I said, I’m on a plane. A plane. Yes! To Tenerife. Ten-er-ife.” As we report today, a technical breakthrough means that airlines may soon allow passengers to use mobile phones on [..]

Hilarious: Tim Blair – STOP THEM DOZERS I like the tree frog on the wall. I wonder if it’s one of the psychedelic ones.

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From: David Thorne Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10.28am To: Shannon Walkley Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster Dear Shannon. Oh dear… Telegraph – Downing Street cat Sybil diesSybil, the retired Downing Street cat, has died after a short illness. Remember the video where they let loose a bunch of cats in an Ikea in the UK. Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds, who knows exactly what I’ll think of this. Cat vs Alligator Cuz cats are awesome.


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I have no need for Cinnamon Sugar Spiced Pecans, but: “Mashuga Nuts” A few lines from the packaging: “A nut your mother will love” “The chosen pecan” “Oy… Ingredients so good we had to pay retail!. Honestly, everybody should subscribe to the paywall, buy an iPad download each edition of the Sunday Times free with your paywall subscription and. Today I’m spending studying to get my dang California drivers license back tomorrow.


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I’ve just added a bunch of these to my Tumblr in the sidebar but I thought it deserved more attention cuz it’s so awesome: 2719 Hyperion: Service with Character: Disney World War II Insignia It is indeed an especially intriguing and engaging category of Disney-produced artwork.