Beyond Belief Energy Therapy with EFT expert Nina Bregman

By: Nina Bregman  09-12-2011
Keywords: Emotional Freedom Technique

Nina Bregman uses a variety of energy techniques to help release the blockages in mind-body energy systems. Since many of the symptoms that we experience are a direct manifestation of these energy blocks, clearing them allows us to resolve many problems naturally and easily.

Some of the energy modalities that Nina uses most often are:

While very effective when used separately, many energy techniques are even more powerful when they are used in the unique combination most appropriate for you. Your inner wisdom knows the most effective treatment modality for you and Nina intuitively accesses that information extensively throughout your session to ensure that you get the most effective treatment.

As the client, you may chose to be seated, or you may prefer to lie on a massage table (fully clothed) so as to relax more completely. Typically a session lasts 90 minutes. Your initial session lasts about two hours.

Because of the variety of techniques available, and because every person is unique, each session Nina Bregman facilitates is different. The nature of the problem and your inner wisdom guide the session along the path most appropriate for you.

Important Note: While Energy Therapies such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and TAT have produced remarkable results for many people, they must still be considered to be in the experimental stage, and they may not work for you. While excellent results are typical, no guarantee of results is either stated or implied.

Keywords: Emotional Freedom Technique