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 Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance (QA) and Product Validation (PV), shortened overall IT budgets, reduced product development life cycles and shortened test phases in release cycles often lead to incomplete and ineffective quality assurance, and with testing staff that may lack deep domain expertise as well as repeatable testing processes. QA is frequently the bottleneck, as well as the most important stage in the SDLC and hence the best candidate for increased efficiency measures.

The effective implementation of QA measures has in a majority of development and implementation life cycles been under emphasized. The reasons for this have been multi-fold. Manual repetitive QA processes are a bleeding of resource allocation ineffectiveness and product development organizations have dedicated financial and human resource funding on the management and product development phases. The onus then for ensuring the quality of the product being procured is squarely on the shoulders of the client organizations which have then allocated a major portion of their resources and time to testing procured products and effectively have very large defect reporting and hence defect fixing timelines within their implementation cycles. This is where we can help clients and product vendors alike reduce the occurrence and re-occurrence of issues by ensuring that the QA process is automated as much as possible and is initiated in the beginning phases of the product development life cycle.

Nimaro Systems provides extensive QA solutions covering the entire spectrum of activities, skills and technologies required to plan, set up test methodologies and infrastructures, create and implement highly efficient test processes and also perform test execution on mission critical, revenue impacting systems that run critical business logic.

Nimaro Systems’ comprehensive range of QA services includes Diagnostics, Strategy and Planning, QA process design and documentation, QA Automation, Implementation and Maintenance services throughout the entire SDLC. Our QA, and in specific as applicable to our core industry expertise spans many applications, such as Customer Care (CRM/Contact Center), Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), Supply Chain Management, Order Management, Inventory Systems, Metering applications, Web Portals, Content Management Systems, eCommerce, EAI, SOA, Billing, Distribution, Retail and Warehousing, as well as Mobile applications.

 Testing Domains

Our QA services are categorized under the following testing domains:
Functional and Acceptance Testing
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Functional Regression Testing
Performance and Load/Stress Testing
Standards/Compatibility Testing

Offered Services

We offer the following services under each testing domain:

• Gather - collect testing and process requirements, application and module specifics

• Design - architect Testing Strategy, identify/define Change Management Process, identify/define Defect Management System, define Testing Methods and Tools

• Prepare - create Project Plan(s), prepare Test Matrix including Domain Plan and Test Cases, prepare Testing Environments, create Test and Automation Scripts

• Execute - execute Test Cases, provide Test Execution Reports, report/enter Defects

• Maintain - maintain Test Scripts, Test Plans, Test Cases

Nimaro Systems’ QA offerings allow clients to outsource the QA and Testing process in part or in full. Testing can be performed with Open Source testing tools or with the client’s testing platforms and tools. All activities are managed by a client specific dedicated Nimaro Systems QA Lead.

 Core Enterprise Testing Services

Arrays of procedures targeted towards Total Quality Control are provided by our team. We can concentrate on technical levels while being constantly aware of the detailed business requirements. The enterprise testing services provided by our team includes
• Performance testing
• Security testing
• Business continuity testing
• Disaster recovery testing
• Migration testing
• Automated testing
• Usability testing
• Web and lab testing

 Performance testing

We evaluate the performance of the software or web applications through various techniques. Some of the key procedures adopted are
• Load/Stress Testing
• Performance Monitoring & Tuning
• Endurance & Soak Testing
• Scalability and Volume Testing and Other non functional testing.
We use automated tools to generate results that are compared by experts and or against bench mark standards.

 Security Testing

Security loopholes available in applications are identified; most of the cases that create a vulnerable situation are the resultant of poor habits in programmers. These are practice generated mistakes that are consistently observed.
Nimaro Systems maintains the much valued knowledge reserve and constantly upgrades the knowledge database on routine basis and uses the information obtained from test results to enhance our service offerings
Our skills and methods offer quicker identification of security loop holes. Our team will also work with IT security and audit teams that the client may have and can conduct joint security audits of client applications.

 Business Continuity Testing

Business continuity is not just about IT systems. It covers the whole business so that it can continue regardless of what problems are encountered. Careful business continuity planning can help prevent problems escalating into disasters. But for the business managers to have confidence in their business continuity plans these need to be tested. This area is frequently overlooked because of concerns about its complexity, the disruption it could cause and the costs. But it doesn't have to be like that. Testing business continuity need not be an onerous task or even expensive. We provide consulting, testing and verification services. Our services are cost effective and accurate and hence organizations find our expertise and carefully managed services to be of extraordinary benefit to them.

 Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster recovery planning need not be maintained only for large scale companies with Data Center level setups, it also applies for small and medium scale enterprises as any data that becomes vital information should never be lost. Companies with disaster recovery plans are assumed to be actively engaged in reducing their risk. The irony is that, for many of them, they become complacent because they have a false sense of security built on the existence of their DR plans.

To ensure you are ready to take appropriate action when a disaster strikes you need to test your disaster recovery plans. Some companies will feel this doesn't apply to them because they conducted disaster recovery testing when their systems and processes were put in place. But remember: the environment, the company, the technology and the range of cost effective solutions available are constantly changing.

DR plans will need to be reviewed and tested frequently to take these changes into account. Fear about the time and cost of testing DR stops many companies putting good intention into practice. But it doesn't have to be like that and that's where Nimaro Systems comes in. Our structured testing approach will ensure that you minimize the amount of testing you need to conduct.

We provide proper testing and procedure maintenance solutions for such cases.

 Migration Testing

Should you have to make a site transfer and you site happens to have a medium to large scale of data, you are looking at unforeseen errors in the same application that was earlier functioning smoothly.
We concentrate and provide testing services for migrated applications and are skilled in quicker identification of issues. These we are able to claim as we are ourselves providing site migration solutions to our clients.
On the application end, we support data migration integrity testing; we can help you prevent lost data or incomplete data migration issues on various applications with our effective and experienced testing skills.

 Automated Testing

Automation testing is not essentially mastery of tools and using them for redundant activities, the solutions much more complicated than that. The very idea of how, when and where the testing should be conducted is skill that is gained from experience.
Our resources can use different bug identification tools and write test cases, scripts to be run in automated gadgets for effective testing.
Some of the automated testing tools we are skilled with include Mercury Interactive Tools such as, Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, Winrunner, Test Director, etc. We use Bugzilla for reporting and follow up purposes.

 Usability Testing

Information display is very significant and so is the skill of portraying information. Nimaro Systems has experience of building solutions with data architecture designed prior to the design of graphics and images, and solution development frameworks on Web Development projects. We have experience in creation of Wire Frames and have used such protocols for our projects.
We check for usability issues in desktop and web applications, identify user experience shortfalls and provide suggestions for enhancing product display features.
Such understanding allows us to provide you with the most easy to use application, with greater look and feel, enhancement suggestions etc.. We can also direct your attention to the speed and manner on which the page downloads, screen navigation performance and the likes thus creating an upscale version of your solution and making it more efficient.

 Web and Lab Testing

Any web solution has one element in common i.e. they are not bound by boundaries. Web applications are accessed through various browsers and at different bandwidth speeds. The application as such comprises of the multi media or the design graphics, contents and functional aspects associated with them.
We provide you with test results on most popular to least known but very persistent usage environments and help make your web based solutions accessible from any where in the same level of quality and conformity everywhere.

 Additional Services

Our team provides services for
• Disaster Management and Recovery
• Walk through testing
• Scenario testing
• Communication testing and much more..

Keywords: Content Management, human resource, Product Development , quality assurance

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