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By: Niko's Gardening  09-12-2011
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Sodding: lawn installation

Niko’s Gardening Inc. provides sod installation (sodding services)  in Toronto and GTA area, including Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, North York and Scarborough.

We emphasize high quality work, and employ the best materials available to assure a healthy and sustainable lawn from the ground up!

Fresh, healthy, thick lawn around your house generates oxygen, reduces noise levels, and helps to cool your house, by absorbing excess sun light!

What is sod?

Sod is a ready-made grass, that is brought over from a sod farm in a rolled shape. Growing sod on a farm allows for perfectly controlled environment, where thick, strong, and healthy sod can be created.

What is sodding?

Sodding in progress

  • Sodding is a very fast and effective way to create a nice lawn.
  • The sod is rolled over like a carpet, and from day one it looks like a rich and colorful lawn.
  • The thickness of the sod also prevents weeds from growing through.It is much better then seeding, because you don’t leave any room for weeds to grow – and with the (very good) ban on pesticide use, weeds are abundant, and grow much faster and stronger than grass seeds!
  • For each sodding job, we use same-day, freshly cut Sod – to assure quality from day one.

What can we do for you?

Over the years, Niko’s Gardening Services have laid thousands of square feet of grass. Our biggest job so far measures over 10,000 square feet! We are experienced and knowledgeable in everything to do with Sod installation in Toronto and the GTA, and we offer an unparalleled level of communication and customer service:

  • Free advice and sodding estimates
  • Highest quality soil (Grow-Max), and freshly cut sod
  • Superb customer service and an ongoing support (long after we are done)
  • Online estimating and billing 

Sod Cost per Square Foot

Cost of Sodding in Toronto and the GTA – our prices are highly competitive, and could be as low as $1.10 per square foot (sod, 1 inch layer of Grow Max soil and labor included) – if your site is simple, and easy to prepare for sodding – why should you pay more?

There are several factors affecting the cost of installing a new lawn:

  • Project size – the larger the area to be sodded is, the lower will be the cost per square foot. We serve properties with minimum size of 300 square foot, at $2/Sq. Ft.
  • Quality of existing soil – depleted, clay soil requires more than just one inch of soil to be worked in. We carefully evaluate each project, and advise on soil requirements – our goal is that you install a new lawn only once, for many years to come.
  • Grading issues – uneven areas, or significant changes to the terrain, may affect the cost of installing a new lawn.

The process of sodding is simple, and very straightforward:

  • Next, the land is leveled using a heavy roller. The grading is done according to plan designs or customer specifications.
  • Before the sod is installed, the freshly leveled soil is enriched by a natural, phosphorus reach fertilizer, to encourage healthy and rapid growth.  Our fertilizers are natural, and most certainly pesticide-free.
  • Finally, we lay the sod down, and immediately , you have a brand new lawn!

Can sod be laid over triple mix?

Yes. In general, sod can be laid over any type of growth medium. However, the more rich that medium is with nutrients, the better it will grow – short and especially long term.

Grow max soil - best for sodding

Triple Mix is a good choice. However we recommend grow-max whenever available – that’s what we use in providing our services.

How to water sod?

Once the sod is installed, the most important part begins – the watering. It is absolutely crucial to keep the lawn constantly moist for the first 14 days. That means watering it at least 2 times a day, and if possible – even more! The extensive watering schedule must be maintained during the first weeks after Sodding is done, until the roots take deeper into the ground, and are able to draw moisture deeper below the surface.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Customer Service, Gardening Services, Lawn, Lawn Installation, Sod

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