Great Snow Plowing Service by Niko's Gardening Team

By: Niko's Gardening  09-12-2011

Nov 12th update: 29 available spots left

- 24/7 response

- Snow removal every time 2″ inch of snow fall down

- Local before 8AM service (rotating schedule, most houses done by 7AM).

- Walkway hand shoveling right to your door step – always included at no extra charge!

Our snow removal (plowing) service is available to our neighbors in a 8 KM radius only, so we don’t waste our time driving around.

Our service includes hand shoveling from your driveway right to the door step – at no extra charge, and with the typical quality dedication we are famous for.

Tailored for residential snow plowing!

Our Western 7-foot long snow plow, is ideal for plowing in small areas (like a one or two car driveway), and is equipped with a reverse blade (see marked in the yellow circle). So when we go back on your driveway – a maximum amount of snow is removed, resulting in a cleaner snow removal job, and a safer surface to walk on as you rush to your daily responsibilities.

We are fully insured for snow removal services, offering you a great peace of mind, and can always be reached over the phone – Greg (our GM) and Niko (the owner) personally handle all calls 24/7 during the winter.

NOV 11th: 51 homes signed up.

We have been in business for more than 7 years, and grew on our our ability to provide great customer service, high work quality, and proven ourselves as reliable time and time again.

This year we are expanding our scope of work, to offer year round services. We’ve equipped our Dodge Ram truck with a brand new snow plow, that is most ideally suited for residential driveway snow plowing and removal. We set a limit of 80 snow removal customers, to make sure we can handle the work load in a timely manner. Naturally, while removing the snow from your driveway, we will also hand shovel a path to your door step, at no extra charge.

We look forward providing Thornhill, and Thornhill Woods residents with professional snow plowing (removal) service during the winter of 2011-2012

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