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By: Nikish  09-12-2011
Keywords: Tax, Tax Management, Revenue Management Needs

Meeting the Revenue Management Needs of Local Governments

There are a lot of “look-alike” tax management applications out there — Only Nikish has the most intuitive, consistent and cutting-edge system available!

Do you need a single, complete solution? Perhaps you only need certain functionality. Whatever your needs may be, RMS is ready to meet them. Our solution is very modular, enabling it to operate as a tightly integrated turn-key solution just as well as it can as individual, stand-alone components. From property management to computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA), tax billing, extension, collection, and excise tax management, RMS is the one stop solution for your revenue management needs. RMS will streamline and simplify your everyday responsibilities by allowing you to collect and process money in real time, or manage mass payments from lenders. Unlike other companies, Nikish won't leave you in the dark. We work with your staff to form an intimate cooperative relationship from the outset, and we keep it that way well past the day you're live with RMS. We study your workflow and configure RMS to function accordingly - no matter the scope or size.

If government is what you do, then RMS is what you need!


Your users can access RMS from any standard web browser, and you save on the cost of your IT department spending time installing and maintaining an extra application across your entire user base. As simple as running a website!

High Performance

The speed of RMS is unparalleled when it comes to processing large amounts of data through complex rules. At half a million parcels, processes typically complete in minutes, not hours. If you have a lot of data, RMS is the ONLY choice!

Modular Structure

The modular and service oriented approach to RMS means you can grow painlessly with your needs. Add a server for increased capacity or in case of disaster, change the location of the application instantly with almost no downtime.

Electronic Billing

With web forms, RMS gives you the ability to generate tax bills individually and in bulk which can then be sent to a printer or delivered electronically to the taxpayers.

Collections & Revenue Reconciliation

No system handles revenue better than RMS through every stage, from collection to reconciliation, every cent is tracked and accounted for.

Tax Appeal & Board of Revisions

RMS has integrated the tax collection and appeals functionality to operate as one. Remove the headache of tracking the same data across multiple systems.

Assessment Administration

RMS the most robust system for performing property assessments and managing the valuation data. Intuitive screens let you manage your data the way you work, fluidly!

Transfer Management

Manage parcel transfers with confidence, whether they be additions, splits, plats, combines or annexations, RMS can handle it all!

Document & Image Management

Have paper files archived electronically? RMS can integrate your digital archive with your current data store for an instant historical view.

Settlement & Disbursement

Collect the revenue, distribute the funds, and settle the books all in one place. With RMS, you can track income and distribution cleanly and consistently, then report on it all in one application!

Available API to 3rd Party Systems

Have another application you want to feed your data to? No problem! RMS provides a robust interface to connect to any 3rd party system that's easy to use and fully customizable.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

RMS revolutionizes the way you report on your data by providing you with a unique interface which allows you to start with an overview and drill down to a single parcel and payment.


RMS contains an cutting-edge reporting dashboard that allows for queued report executions and access to all previously generated reports, thus allowing for extremely large reports to execute in a reliable and timely manner.

Keywords: Revenue Management Needs, Tax, Tax Management,