Brokerage - Products

By: NIF GROUP  09-12-2011

Brokerage - Products

NIF Group, Inc. is a prominent broker within the field of Products Liability. Our specialty is difficult product lines where non-standard and creative solutions are required. Our expertise helps us obtain the best terms for our clients.

Product lines in which we maintain a substantial presence include the following:
• Medical Products
• Medical Devices
• Pharmaceuticals
• Nutraceuticals
• Clinical Trials
• Bio-equivalency studies

Each product line listed above is generally written on a ‘claims made’ basis with a provision for retroactive coverage where required.

• Industrial Machinery
• Power tools
• Toys including bicycles, in-line skates, scooters etc
• Exercise Equipment
• Kitchenware
• New Products

Each product line listed above can be written on either a ‘claims made’ or ‘occurrence form’ basis.

Limits of liability of up to $10,000,000 are readily available.
Deductibles are as low as $5,000, depending on size and type of account.
Minimum annual policy premiums range between $10,000 and $25,000 for a primary limit of $1,000,000.

Many insurance carriers require their own applications. Please contact us so we can forward the correct supplement to you.

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