Nicus Software » IT Cost Transparency

By: Nicus Software  09-12-2011

Nicus Software » IT Cost Transparency

Many organizations seek a better understanding of the relationship between IT expenses and service consumption. Nicus M-PWR provides deep IT cost visibility through a consolidated view of expense, budget and utilization data to enable a linkage between IT spending and business activity. With M-PWR’s extensive web-based reporting, IT managers and analysts can share this critical information with their business partners, enabling conversations about leveraging technology for new business services and reducing costs through elimination of unused services.

The growth of virtualization and advent of cloud computing has compounded the need for clear visibility of usage and costs. With the potential for multiple organizations to share virtual applications delivered from the same physical infrastructure, IT must be able to clearly and accurately report actual resource utilization by organizations.

Through M-PWR’s unique  dynamic data model that allows the user to determine both the structure and content of the database, IT managers can determine the total cost of ownership for IT services and technologies based on their unique organization and specific IT environment. Other solutions require the use of inflexible templates and data models that cannot accommodate different organizational structures and unique technology footprints.

Unlike other solutions, Nicus provides a complete picture of IT by managing all resource information – technology infrastructure, personnel and facilities – across multiple dimensions such as total cost, project cost, organizational cost or custom views defined by users.

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