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By: Nicland Filter  09-12-2011
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THIS MONTH - High Tech Coolant FAQ'S for Heavy-Duty Equipment

To keep your engine running properly and at the correct temperature, coolant must circulate freely. Coolant absorbs heat from hot engine parts and then dissipates that heat to the air while passing through the radiator. But, buildup inside the engine can cause uneven distribution of heat, and create "HOT SPOTS", which can eventually lead to engine failure.

Following are some Frequently asked questions related to coolants .

Why do I need coolant in my system?
Coolant does more than protect your engine in cold weather - It also must transfer heat, raise the boiling point of the system, protect the cooling system metal and non-metal components from corrosion, deposits and wear.

Won't straight water or antirust do the same thing?
No. All engine manufacturers insist on proper coolant in the cooling system. Straight water or antirust have only limited capabilities to protect the cooling system.

What is proper mix of coolant?
New vehicles have a 50/50 mix of low silicate coolant with distilled water. When draining or flushing your cooling system, you may use as little as 30% coolant to a maximum of 68% low silicate coolant in your cooling system, depending on what level of freeze or boil over protection you need.

Why not use regular automotive coolant?
Normal automotive coolant may be high in silicates which over time can lead to cooling system problems.

When I've used the correct coolant, is that all I have to worry about?
No. Because your engine pulls heavy loads and/or makes high mileage runs, some of the chemicals in coolant wear out; therefore, you need to add the chemicals that are wearing out back into your system. You can do this by either replenishing with a liquid additive, or by replacing the coolant filter with the chemical package included.

Aren't all coolant additives the same?
No, but they are compatible. Different brands have different formulations, using different combinations of chemicals to address the protection and inhibition needs of the system.

When do I put more supplemental coolant additive in my cooling system?
Diesel engine manufacturers recommend you test your cooling system with a kit to determine when it is time to induce more additives. Generally this is done at the oil change interval or no more than every 15,000 miles, 24,000 kilometers or 150 hours. This is important to remember if your are on extended oil drain intervals.

 Next Month: More about Coolant Kits..

Keywords: engine

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