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By: Nicland Filter  09-12-2011
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Heavy duty machinery is costly to repair and replace. And in many cases, a mere filter can mean the difference between a few dollars and thousands of  dollars. Contact our customer service to see how much you can save on Air, Oil, Fuel, Hydraulic, Lube, Coolant and any other filter.

Nicland Filter provides filters for all equipment types. Just provide us with the make, model, and serial number - and we will get you a guaranteed replacement filter. 

Air Intake-Pre Cleaners
Powerful Effective Pre-cleaners extend Industrial Air Filter Life by 300 to  400 %. 

Engine Lubricants
Filter applications for all engine fluids – all makes and models of all engine manufactures. Minimize contaminants, save costs on engine repair and extend your engine life.

Fuel Filtration
Call us for any filter replacement.  Consider adding on a Fuel Water Separator or Coalescer.  Minimize corrosion of injectors and fuel pump.

Hydraulics Systems
Reduce costly repair with super efficient filtration down to sub-micron levels.

Engine Coolant Filters
Convert to spin on filters with built-in inhibitors to automatically discharge protective chemicals into the coolant system. 

Protects against corrosion, pitting, build-up of harmful deposits, controls pH balance, cavitations, erosion, scale deposits, rust, electrolysis and gel formation, neutralize and buffer organic acids – extent engine wear and life. 

Coolant Test Kits
Save costs – verify freeze protection limit and inhibitor (additive) concentration in the coolant. Check for reserve alkalinity and nitrite concentration along with pH balance. 

Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications
Full Flow and Bypass systems designed to extend engine life and refine lubricants and fuels in all types of industry.  Applications for mineral oil, synthetic oils, diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids, insulating oils, aircraft and missile systems, solvents etc.  

On-Board Oil-Recycling System
Guarantied to double your miles or hours between oil chances. Save 50 % and more your oil cost.  Talk to users. 

Royal Guard System
Guarantied to save 8% of your fuel consumption if you are not presently using a similar system.

Engine Wear Analysis
Prevent engine repair costs from skyrocketing!  Identify trends in metal wear BEFORE your engine breaks down.  Call us for detailed brochure.  Oil Analysis Kit only 15$.

Spark Arrestors and Silencers
Remove dangerous sparks from exhaust gas – prevent accidental fires and reduce critical noise level for residential and industrial operations…small, light weight, and easy to add- on.

Exhaust Purifiers
Eliminate toxic and harmful exhaust gases while reducing noise levels allows for confined operation of ALL internal combustion engines used in mining, tunneling, construction, Gen-sets, hospitals and forklift applications. Health standards approved. 

Emission Absorbers
Remove oil mist from engine crankcase breather vent which provides cleaner, healthier and saver work environment. 

Power Steering Systems
Minimize contamination and dissipate excessive heat build-up under extreme operating conditions or for research projects.

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