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By: Nichia  09-12-2011

Laser beam are extremely dangerous to human eyes.Never look at laser beam directly and/or through optical lens. When handling the LDs, wear appropriate safety glasses to prevent laser light, even any reflections from entering to the eye.

·Nichia LDs are classified in Class 3B or 4 of IEC60825-1 and 21 CFR Part 1040.10 Safety Standards. It is absolutely necessary to take overall safety measures against User's modules, equipment and systems into which Nichia LDs are incorporated and/or integrated.

·Static electricity or electrical surges will reduce and degrade the reliability of the LDs. It is recommended to use a wrist strap or anti-electrostatic glove when handling the Product.

·Nichia LDs described in this brochure are intended to be used for ordinary electronic equipment (such as office equipment, communications equipment, measurement instruments and household appliances). Consult Nichia's sales staff in advance for information on the applications in which exceptional quality and reliability are required, particularly when the failure or malfunction of the LDs may directly jeopardize life or health (such as for airplanes, aerospace, submersible repeaters, nuclear reactor control systems, automobiles, traffic control equipment, life support systems and safety devices).

·The appearance and specifications of the product may be modified for improvement without notice. The formal specifications must be exchanged and signed by both parties before large volume purchase begins.

·Nichia prohibit Purchaser from reverse engineering, disassembling, or taking any other steps to derive the structure or design of the LD.

·The information and recommendations contained in this publication are based upon data collected by NICHIA and believed to be correct. However,no guarantee or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is made with respect to the information contained herein, and NICHIA assumes no responsibilityfor the results of the use of products and processes described herein. No statements infringe any relevant patent, now or hereafter in existence.

·No copy of the information and recommendations from this publication are allowed without NICHIA's permission.

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