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By: Niche Konsult  09-12-2011
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"Spamming is the scourge of electronic mail and newsgroups on the Internet. It can seriously interfere with the operation of public services, to say nothing of the effect it may have on any individual's e-mail mail system. Spammers are, in effect, taking resources away from users and service suppliers without compensation and without authorization."--Vint Cerf, ISOC Chairman

Spam Quotes

50% of all email is spam. --The European Union

52% of current global email traffic is spam mail and will reach 70% by 2007.--The Radicati Group

If an employee receives just 5 spam mails a day and spends 30 seconds on each, he will waste 15 hours a year on junk mail. -- Ferris Research

"Spam protection is now as critical as virus protection and companies need to budget and allocate resources accordingly." -- The META Group

"The percentage of inbound SMTP traffic that can be classified as spam is as high as 40% for some organizations. " --The META Group

Spam Statistics

# 2002 - 2.4 billion per day

# 2004 - 11 billion per day

# 2005 - (June) 30 billion per day

# 2006 - (June) 55 billion per day

# 2007 - (February) 90 billion per day

# 2007 - (June) 100 billion per day

Why fight Spam

  • Wastes your bandwidth
  • Wastes storage facilities (e.g., server hard disk space, SANs, NAS, etc)
  • Lost productivity resulting from system breakdown due to overload

Questions Niche Konsult can help you answer

  • Should you deploy client-level or server-level anti-spam protection?
  • Should you deploy am anti-spam appliance or an anti-spam software based solution
  • Which anti-spam techniques should you deploy and in what order?

Anti-spam techniques we can deploy for you

Bayesian filters

Keyword checking

Mail header analysis

Real-time Blocklists

Image spam filters

Excel spam filters

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

ZIP spam filters

Attachment spam filters

Keywords: virus protection

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