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By: Niagara Web Media  09-12-2011
Keywords: Copywriting

That's all it it boils down to, really. That and a little creative thinking. In the following pages I'll be sharing what I know about copywriting's role in informative communication, some of its most common forms, and its importance in marketing. Let's take a quick look at Copywriting, what purpose it really serves, and just what exactly it is that I'm doing here.

What Is Copywriting? Essentially, copywriting is creating advertising copy or informational text. It is playing on words and constructing text elements in a manner that makes the content persuasive and compelling. It is knowing the key words. Words that sell, words that lure, words that compel.In a nutshell, a copywriter composes informative copy written in a manner that is comprhensive and customized to a usually specific audience.
Quite simply, a copywriter's job is to ensure that the message gets passed on successfully.

Keywords: Copywriting