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By: Niagara Caching Supply  09-12-2011

Travel Bug Tags

The traditional trackable and our most popular item. Attaches to nearly everything! Includes a copy tag for your reference.

Travel Bug Origins - Canada

Awesome looking travel bugs, with the Canadian Flag in the background. Show your Canadian Pride, and pick up one today!

"Did Not Find" Geocoin

A Geocoin that resembles the Did Not Find Smiley for cache logs. Did we mention it glows in the dark?

Found It! Geocoin

Leave your mark on a cache you found with this wonderful little coin. A simple smile to brighten anyones caching day!

Cache Type Geocoin
7.50 each

Pick up your favorite cache type as a unique trackable. Several cache types available here!

Flag Micro Geocoin
8.25 each

These coins resemble the flags of several countries. Perfect for leaving your mark on a foreign cache!

Hummingbird Tag

A cute hummingbird seeking to pollenate caches worldwide! Help him on his mission! Awesome to find in any cache, and awesome to place in caches.

Orca Tag

This orca wants to swim with you to as many caches as he can! Pick him up, and help him on his journey. Fully trackable on!

Signal the Frog Travel Tag

Bring the famous Geocaching mascot with you to caches, and help him get home to Seatle, and the Groundspeak HQ.

First to Find Travel Tag

A unique reward for those who are the first to find your caches! A perfect motivation, and collectible!s

3in Travel Bug Decal

Easily adheres to most surfaces, from cars to walls. Perfect for smaller surfaces. Please note that this is a permanent decal. It is not designed to be removed.

Travel Bug Static Cling

This travel bug adheres using static, and is designed for placing on the inside of your car. Very easy to remove, and transferrable between cars.

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