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By: Nextscan  09-12-2011
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High Production Microfiche Scanner with Automatic Feeder

The Titan scanner with NextStar High Performance Workflow Software delivers the highest scan speeds  for microfiche scanning in a production environment, and brings the cost of microfiche scanning to an affordable price point  for many users.  Titan features a large automatic fiche feeder, and incorporates nextScan’s exclusive, LuminTec™ light line illumination system, next generation high quality lens, specially designed Ribbon Storage Device (RSD) and revolutionary NextStar software.

Titan with NextStar has a production throughput (load, scan, process and unload) speed of 270 images per minute for jacketed fiche, 230 images per minute for COM fiche, and can accommodate many other types of fiche.  Titan’s automatic feeder holds up to 1000 fiche depending on thickness (can hold up to 5” of fiche), enabling optimized throughput with minimal operator intervention.  Additionally, the  fiche load and unload time for Titan is half of other products offered today.

Titan features a unique, advanced light line illumination system developed exclusively by nextScan called LuminTec.  LuminTec effectively increases overall image resolution, even at very high conversion speeds, without increasing file size.  Environmentally friendly LuminTec uses 1/10 of the power of conventional incandescent illumination systems.

Titan comes with a specially designed Ribbon Storage Device (RSD) to enable simultaneous capture and output, maximizing scanner throughput and allowing for QA/Audit during or after the scan, even from multiple workstations.

Titan, featuring LuminTec, NextStar, a next generation high quality lens and the largest feeder on the market today, provides fast processing of sharp images with better edge definition, contributes to higher OCR accuracy after the scan process, and promotes cost savings through its automated features.

Titan - Delivering Simplicity While Bringing the Cost of Fiche Scanning to An Affordable Price Point

  • Currently available in the US and Canada

NextStar Software Functionality
The NextStar High Performance Workflow Software that comes with Titan incorporates an innovative processing methodology called "Ribbon Scanning". An entire fiche is digitized from top-to-bottom and end-to-end in grayscale and stored as a single ribbon file. 

Ribbon Scanning solves many of the challenges encountered today in the conversion process from microfilm to digital images.  NextStar allows the user to verify that all images were properly captured, and enhance image quality as needed.  Ribbon Scanning captures all images in raw, uncompressed form using true optical dpi.  NextStar’s Audit module offers a set of tools at your fingertips to allow the operator to QC, correct and enhance all images  in a post-scan environment.  NextStar eliminates the need for rescans resulting from density or frame detection problems, maximizing  scanner utilization and productivity - allowing you to output images that actually match your database.

NextStar enables the user to manage the end-to-end conversion process.  It is modular and expandable.  From basic set-ups where all components run on the Titan scanner, to large distributed production systems, the software components communicate between multiple platforms and work is scheduled and shared between many operators.

For applications with the very highest image quality for archival requirements such as scanning of degraded historical documents or newspapers, NextStar High Definition (HD) is an option.  The HD version of NextStar includes all of the features of the regular NextStar software, plus can provide up to 12 bit uncompressed output images, which enable even higher OCR accuracy for projects where this is a must.

all nextScan products are not necessarily available in every country due to licensing and safety certifications

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The Eclipse Plus Rollfilm Scanners with NextStar incorporate nextScan’s new and innovative LuminTec™ light line illumination system for even sharper images and deliver the highest scan speeds for production scanning environments. LuminTec enables optimization of the Eclipse Plus scanner and the many valuable features contained in nextScan’s revolutionary NextStar software that accompanies the Eclipse Plus Models.


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Each model offers high speeds for uncompressed data output, and model options are available that can also provide not only uncompressed data output, but compressed data output, which can be useful for simpler scan jobs where speed is key. Geared towards optimizing production throughput, the Eclipse Plus Family of Products will comfortably scan 400, 600 or 1000 pages per minute, depending on the user's needs, and the Eclipse Plus model.