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By: Next Levels  09-12-2011

We are all different. In what ways? In our personality, our values and our needs. According to Carl Jung, Psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology (Jungian Psychology), our personality is determined at birth, and we have our own unique personality blueprint. According to Jung, there are 4 personality styles, or Ways of being. We each have all four Ways to a certain extent, but have one that usually dominates our way of being, doing, acting and speaking.

What is Identity Mapping™?
The Four Ways System™ is a proprietary system of Personality Resources International.  Identity Mapping™ is a patented, self-assessment tool that assists you in understanding yourself and others.

Identity Mapping™ & The Four Ways System™: Determines your unique personality blueprint (Identity Map™) • Easy to learn and use • Precise and accurate • Easy to remember with simple language • Quickly identify an individual’s Identity Map™ to enhance communication, interaction and connection • Empowers people • Bridges the communication gap • Enhances relationships and interactions with others • Promotes effective leadership   (incl. parenting) • Workshops are interactive and fun A must for individuals who wish to make a difference in their organizations, community, social circles and families