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By: Newvitality  09-12-2011
Keywords: injury prevention, Job Coaching

Injury Analysis

Are you experiencing a high number of musculoskeletal injuries in your unit or facility? Before spending time and money on education and expensive assistive devices, it is highly recommended that you have an assessment conducted in order to determine the root cause of the problem.  Analysis of injury statistics, observation of current practice, and developing an understanding of care requirements and patient demographics will allow an opportunity to create an injury reduction plan that is effective and sustainable.

Injury Prevention and Reduction Programming

Understanding the cause of your injuries is important. Now it is time to create a plan that  will successfully aid in the prevention and reduction of injuries in your work environment.   Reducing injuries requires a strong commitment from Executives, Management and Staff, and may require the development of policy and enforcement strategies in addition to training and purchasing equipment.

Assistive Device Recommendations

Do you have a smaller budget, and are looking to purchase the assistive device that will be most beneficial to your staff? Accessing this service will ensure recommendations to quality equipment that will assist you in your goal to reduce musculoskeletal injury.

Planning for Ceiling Lift Installation

Installing ceiling lifts requires a substantial financial commitment. Decisions around location, tracking options, and sling selection are crucial to the success of utilizing ceiling lifts as an injury reduction strategy. Recommendations are made based on an assessment of: type of care, injury statistics, patient demographics, and staff feedback.

Ceiling Lift Post-Installation Support

Research has demonstrated that employees do not use ceiling lifts to their maximum potential if they do not have sufficient training. Support is provided to ensure  employees have supervised hands-on training, and access to trouble shooting for challenging situations.

Job Coaching

Do you have an employee that has reported an injury, or is returning to work following recovery from a work-related, or non work-related injury?  Your employee will receive one-on-one training and observation, where alternatives and options will be provided to assist with challenging work tasks. A report will be provided to the employee and management outlining all recommendations.

Keywords: injury prevention, Job Coaching

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