Consolidation of Spend « Newview

By: Newview  09-12-2011
Keywords: Raw Material, Aggregate Spend, Raw Material Inputs,

Consolidation of Spend « Newview


Understanding aggregate spend for critical part and material inputs is essential to managing supply risk and controlling the cost of finished goods.   Newview’s Spend Consolidation Solution provides the framework and capabilities that allow manufacturing companies to re-capture and model the part-to-material-to-finished good relationships and build consolidated views of aggregate spend for key categories. Analysis supports sourcing policy decisions and implementation of Multi-Tier Sourcing – Procurement programs.

Key Features:

  • The ability to define part and material categories and attributes dynamically.
  • The ability to capture purchasing activity and associate it with part and material records.
  • The ability to map purchasing activity to parts using rules
  • The ability to analyze and report purchasing activity by part and material attributes.
  • The ability to integrate purchasing activity from disparate sources.
  • The ability to summarize and report purchasing activity vs. recommendations.
  • The ability to develop a sufficiently accurate picture of demand down to the raw material inputs where purchasing activity is not available.

Sample Output: Consolidated Spend

Keywords: Aggregate Spend, Raw Material, Raw Material Inputs,

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