By: Newgen Business Solutions  09-12-2011

"NewGen Business Solutions handled our ERP/CRM systems implementation. We had no idea what the process was going to be like, but they were there every step of the way from installation to training. The implementation was much more successful than we ever thought it would be."

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"I can't think of a better value than what we received..."

"NewGen Business Solutions found basic processes within our current business systems that were flawed, we would have never thought to change those processes. They have a systematic approach that really works, and actually takes very little time to accomplish. To this day, I can't think of a better value than what we received by going through their "Basic Optimization Process". We saved tens of thousands of dollars easily!"

"It was a no-brainer, everyone kept saying, replace, replace, replace..."

" Think about it, why we would have to replace systems, if we just had the time to make sure we were using them properly. NewGen Business Solutions did just that, they made sure our systems were "setup" properly! A simple checklist that's all it took. Think about it a simple checklist! We saved thousands of dollars and best of all we did not have to replace any software or hardware! It was a "no-brainer" everyone kept saying, "replace, replace, replace," and guess what? They were wrong, we just needed to optimize not replace!"

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