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By: New Providence Asset Management  09-12-2011
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  Monday December 5th, 2011

Investment Management

New Providence Asset Management Limited offers its client’s investment management expertise with services tailored to their individual investment goals. Clients receive quarterly portfolio reports which include our “Investment Review and Outlook” and “Markets Chart Book”.  Additionally, we encourage semi-annual meetings with clients to discuss the portfolio. We provide investment management services to high net worth individuals, pension plans, trusts, endowments and corporate entities. Our investment management client base is international; however, we cannot accept clients that are subject to Bahamian exchange control regulations. In close consultation with each client, our Portfolio Managers establish a written set of investment objectives, goals and guidelines to “benchmark” expectations and results, taking into account any restrictions imposed by the client. This profile is regularly reviewed to ensure the portfolios are in line with clients’ ongoing requirements.Driven by client needs, our portfolios consist of any of the following investments: common and preferred shares, government, corporate and municipal debt securities, money market instruments and where appropriate currency futures and forwards for hedging purposes. Our portfolio management process is research driven.  We seek to invest in companies that offer above average profitability and earnings growth, with under-leveraged balance sheets at a reasonable valuation level. New Providence Asset Management Limited never takes custody of client funds or securities. Nor do we initiate cash or securities transfers into or from the clients’ custody account. All client funds/securities are held in the clients’ bank account and/or brokerage account. The Portfolio Managers only initiate securities transactions. The settlements of these transactions are the responsibility of the custodian bank or broker.
Investment Consulting
New Providence Asset Management Limited also provides investment advice and consulting services to financial services providers in The Bahamas. The global investment environment has been transformed by the worst crisis since the Great Depression, creating a gulf for sound methodical independent investment advice and consulting. It is into this space that we offer our service of independent assessment of discretionary investment managers who are retained by financial services providers within The Bahamas, on behalf of their fiduciary clients.We offer investment expertise to boutique Trust companies operating in The Bahamas, to enable them to discharge their fiduciary duties in a cost efficient manner. The duty of the fiduciary is to act with loyalty and prudence. Independence and objectivity must be the cornerstone of discharging this professional obligation, with the benefit of the proper systems and methodology in so doing. Through our third party reviews, we offer an arms-length review of performance and compliance with investment mandates, giving the trustee the confidence that a thorough quantitative and qualitative assessment of the appointed investment manager is documented, and arming them with the basis for change if necessary.For more information that extends beyond the offerings of this site, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
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