By: New Look Film  09-12-2011
Keywords: Film

New Look Film has the capability and the expertise to support a film at each stage of development, financing, production and distribution.

New Look Film Entertainment has strong business connections with China and Hong Kong, and is always looking for projects that would be suitable as co-productions with these countries. We are also seeking co-productions with other local and foreign markets.

New Look Film welcomes clients who would benefit from the low cost of production in China. Because we can take advantage of the Co-production Treaty between Canada and China and Hong Kong, our projects will be eligible for federal and provincial tax credits, which can amount to as much as 22% of the budget. We can seek co-producers, or we can provide production services. Either way, we can navigate our way through the local industry to provide the best and most competent service at the best rates for our projects and clients. Pre-sales and pre-licensing agreements will bring buyers into the picture early, ensuring that the final product is commercially viable. In this way we can assure potential investors that they will see returns. Where appropriate, all efforts will be made to access government and private funds available for development and production. We can offer research, script, project packaging, budgeting, scheduling development service to different production services

With our experience in both creative production and business distribution, our capability and expertise are realistic and efficient

Keywords: Film