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Nitrozyme Liquid Plant Stress Reliever

Nitrozyme Liquid Plant Stress Reliever is a concentrated extract made from the seaplant Ascophyllum nodosum, which is harvested from coastal Maine waters. Extensive research with these extracts has determined that the growth hormone, cytokinin, coupled with the seaweed’s diverse micronutrients, enhance turf growth, development, and durability.

Nitrozyme is formulated for commercial agriculture to provide the highest concentration (400 ppm) of natural cytokinin found on the market today.

What are Cytokinins?

Cytokinins are a class of plant growth substances(plant hormones) that promote cell division.

Cytokinins are involved in many plant processes including cell division, chloroplast maturation, cell enlargement, auxiliary bud release, and senescence.

Benefits of Nitrozyme

  • Highest quality natural biostimulants
  • Stimulates growth, strength, and mass of the root system – More and bigger roots
  • Improves the microbial activity of the soil
  • Reduces thatch buildup
  • Delays senescence – Even in acute stress situations, premature senescence
  • Improves and strengthens tolerance in stress situations
  • Seaweed cytokinin plays a role in chelation of metals to give soluble complexes and increase plant uptake of nutrients
  • Proprietory processing methods preserve the biological and chemical integrity of the plant nutrients
  • Cytokinin concentration in seaweed extracts is high (400ppm in Nitrozyme) and has been shown to reduce plant aging, thus enhancing plant growth

Nitrozyme increases:

  • Plant Photosynthetic Capacity
  • Chlorophyll Content
  • Cell Wall Strength
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Resistance to Disease
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Root Mass and Length

Application Rate

Use 1 to 11⁄2 gallons of Nitrozyme per acre, per season (3 to 41⁄2 ounces per 1000 square feet per season or 1 ounce per 1000 square feet each month throughout the season).

1st application of Nitrozyme: at initial stages of growth.

For Stress Relief

Any time turf is prematurely dying down (loss of color) due to stress caused by one of the following conditions: weather (frost, drought, excessive moisture), insect infestation, fungus attack and/or herbicide burn, spray 1 pint Nitrozyme per acre.

Nitrozyme is..

  • EPA approved
  • four times stronger than the closest competition
  • compatible with other fertilizers and chemicals
  • manufactured by Atlantic Laboratories in Waldoboro, Maine

Keywords: Cytokinin

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