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By: New Century Sales  09-12-2011

Specification Team

New Century Sales

specification team develops demand through strategic relationships with electrical engineering firms, government agencies, contractors, and other key market influences. These mature relationships allow New Century Sales to seed new products into the marketplace and maximize market share for mature products.

Local Warehouse

New Century Sales

stocks products at our Indianapolis facility to help meet the J.I.T. demand in our market. The manufacturers whose products we inventory are: Acme Transformer, Ocal, RAB Lighting, and SAPA Aluminum Conduit.

Tool Training


New Century Sales

Tool Specialist can come to you or your customer and demo or do training on MAXIS Tools, Lenox Tools, or Irwin Tools. With our expert experience with these tools we can show how much money and labor can be saved over competitor "like" products.

Arc Flash Assistance

New Century Sales

can assist you with all of your arch flash needs. From doing an Arc Flash Assessment or seminar to providing you with the Arc Flash Products you need.

Lighting Layouts


New Century Sales

today for your lighting layout needs. We can provide you with a lighting layout for outdoor or indoor applications that utilize the lighting products that RAB Lighting has to offer. Contact your Outside Sales Representative today.

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