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Keywords: black walnut, Parasite Cleanse, Black Walnut Tincture

Products to Eliminate Parasites

20 Day Parasite Cleanse - contains one bottle each of  black walnut tincture extra strength, wormwood, and cloves, information day guide with 20 bags and labels. This is Dr. Clark's Original Parasite Cleanse used without a zapper. (item #600)

3 Week Parasite Cleanse - one bottle each of black walnut tincuture extra strength, cloves, and wormwood with instructions. Zapper should be used with this cleanse to enhance results. (item #701)

Para Plus One Step Maintenance -  veggie capsules. Contains freeze dried black walnut,  peppermint, wormwood, cloves, pau d'arco, quassia, and male fern. Perfect to avoid re-infection after completing your parasite cleanse. Convenient and simple, a 10-week supply. (item #665)

Meda-Zap I Zapper - a basic battery operated 9 volt zapper, operating at 5KHz (5,000 cycles/second). Comes complete with instructions, 1-1/8" diameter tubular metal handholds, reminder belt, heavy-duty leads, battery-test light and battery. (item #640)

Meda-Zap Plus Hands Free Zapper - more advanced zapper featuring the maximum in research based performance and convenience. Its improved 2.5KHz electronics eliminates more parasites in less time. Instead of metal handholds, it features soft wrist pads with adjustable elastic straps, full instructions, reminder belt, water spray bottle, power tester, heavy-duty leads, battery and carrying case.(item #647)

Bowel Program - Dr. Clark's formula. Contains 2 bottles of turmeric, 1 bottle of fennel, 1 bottle of digestive enzymes, and 1 bottle of extra strength black walnut tincture. Thirty day supply. (item #663)

Products to Eliminate  Toxins

NAP Herbal Blend -  a duplicate of the formula used by Rene Caisse. Burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm and turkey rhubarb.  One 2-ounce package makes 4 litres of concentrate (item #102). Tea Making Kit (item #101) comes with 8 amber glass bottles for storing the tea and 2 packages of Nap Herbal Blend.

NAP Inner Glow - Daily Colon Support - a blend of fiber and herbs specially formulated to promote elimination of waste, cleanse the intestinal tract, and soothe the colon. Gently sweeps unhealthy encrusted waste material from the walls of the colon. (item #415)

Kidney Cleanse Kit - Dr. Clark's formula. Contains 2 bottles of vegetable glycerin, 1 bottle each of golden rod tincture, ginger capsules, uva ursi capsules, B6 capsules, magnesium oxide capsules, and 2 packages of 1/4 cup each marshmallow root, hydrangea root, and gravel root. The kidney cleanse should be done for at least 3 weeks and should be started after the parasite cleanse. (item #708)

Products to Support Your Immune System and Balance Your pH

Garden Delight - a blend of vegetables, herbs, fruits, seeds and fibers; combined with a patented digestive enzyme and probiotic delivery system. It is a complete and nutritional food.

Willard Water - Catalyst Altered Water - Ordinary water that has been modified by a catalyst which makes if much more reactive than water. It contains trace amounts of sodium silicate, calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate and sulfated castor oil. Willard Water energizes the body from within. It balances pH, transports nutrients into the cells, while forcing toxins out, aids digestion, and activates enzymes in our body. Willard Water is available in clear or dark. The dark has added lignite to the formula. A sixteen ounce bottle of clear Willard Water treats 16 gallons of water and the dark Willard Water will treat 8 gallons. Proven effective and non-toxic. (item #400 or #403) 

Trace-lytes - Electrolytes are the basis of good health. They are used in the maintenance and repair of all tissue, the utilization of amino acids, and as the basis of every physical and neurological function. Trace-lytes will help restore the proper pH in the body, allowing food and other supplements to be better digested and all nutrients to be readily absorbed within the body. A one month supply. (item #500)

Alkalizing Tea - this fine blend of herbs is highly alkaline, has the mild flavor of apricots, and is naturally sweetened with yams. Enjoy a cup of tea with a meal or just following a meal, to help neutralize the effects of acidic foods. (item #411)

pH Testing Tape - 15 feet of nitrazine paper. You will find it essential to check your pH and know exactly where you are on the acid/alkaline scale, therefore, you can make changes in your diet to obtain optimum balance. (item #407)

Vitamin C Powder - a powerful immune system booster. It fights colds, flu, and infections. Your body cannot manufacture or store Vitamin C. It must be obtained from food or supplements. NAP  Vitamin C has been approved by Dr. Hulda Clark. (item #618)

Omega 3-6-9 - The fats your body needs. Essential fats nourish dry skin, regulates blood pressure, decreases memory loss, strengthens nervous and immune systems, ease PMS and soothe arthritic symptoms. The body cannot manufacture essential fatty acids so supplementation is important. (item #833)

ElectroBlast Sports Drink - Finally a sports drink that contains no sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no dyes. Most sports drinks on the market today contain only sodium and potassium. Not only does ElectroBlast contain sodium and potassium - it also contains 9 other essential minerals lost during sweat - copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, selenium, silica, iodine, boron and chromium. ElectroBlast has a zesty lemon-lime flavor and is availalbe in a box of 12 or a one-ounce unflavored bottle. Simply pour into the beverage of your choice.(#502 or 516)

Keywords: black walnut, Black Walnut Tincture, Parasite Cleanse,

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