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By: Netgain Systems  09-12-2011

In this new information technological era, Information Technology (IT) has become the driving force of almost every industry. Most significantly, telecommunications and FIS industries completely rely on their IT systems in managing core businesses and database operations.

With the constant increase in volume of activities within the IT systems, reliability and security are bound to be compromised. Business functionality would be under threat without reliable and secure system information, thus affecting long-term sustainable development. Due to the possibility that IT breakdowns can ultimately lead to an unrecoverable loss, it is essential for companies to improve their quality of IT performance.

By establishing “7×24” on-site operation and performance status monitoring, potential IT problems can be effectively forestalled, enhancing the reliability of the entire IT system. Furthermore, disaster recovery backup activities have become a highly popular element of an IT infrastructure. Such activities include: Establishing HA mechanism for production systems; implementing SAN network remote data backup mechanism, as well as external set-up of remote disaster recovery centers.

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