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By: Netdimensions  09-12-2011

Rock-solid Security

mEKP has the same security options and permissions settings of a master

EKP system.

A user system may be configured for a range of security requirements, from

dynamic creation of new users to master host authentication and verification

of user identity before access is granted.

Likewise, various USB encryption options are available to protect the device in

event of theft or loss. Each mEKP is allocated a unique instance identifier by

the master EKP system to better manage security and the integration of data

from multiple sources.

As an added level of security, administrators can tag specific items in the
EKP master as downloadable material into mEKP.

mEKP can also automatically remove materials (courses, exams, etc.) after they
have been used offline and the results synchronized with the master EKP system.

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