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By: Net Optics  09-12-2011
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Indigo Pro is a family of network management appliances that includes Indigo Collector Pro and Indigo Manager Pro. These 1U 19" rack-mount appliances provide simple, effective solutions for monitoring and managing large numbers of all types of Net Optics devices through a single pane of glass (a single management console). It is an advanced management solution providing element management, dashboard, and rich graphics, as well as collection and visualization of traffic statistics that are emitted from Net Optics devices throughout the network. Indigo Pro works hand-in-hand with your other network management systems to expand overall network intelligence while greatly improving IT operational efficiency.

As networks continue to grow in speed and complexity, they are being deployed with dozens and even hundreds of Tap technology devices to create permanent access points that provide 100% visibility for monitoring the traffic. High numbers of Taps and related devices (for example, Director data monitoring switches and Director Pro network controller switches) present both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to manage all of the devices, and the opportunity is to use those devices as remote sensors of traffic conditions. Indigo Pro meets the challenge and takes full advantage of the opportunity.

Indigo Collector Pro is a hardware appliance that acts as a central point for collecting and visualizing traffic statistics provided by Net Optics devices throughout the network. Indigo Manager Pro delivers all of the capabilities of Collector Pro, and adds the ability to manage your Net Optics devices.

Traffic Visualization and ProPush™ Technology
Indigo Collector Pro offers rich graphical visualization tools so you can quickly gauge the health of your network without the use ofcomplex, expensive monitoring equipment. View traffic statistics relating to a specific Net Optics device, or create custom graphs for confederated views of traffic at key points throughout your network. Use line graphs, pie charts, or 3-D bar charts to visualize specific information. You can even build a dashboard view to monitor key network performance indicators at a glance.

Indigo Pro saves all of the traffic statistics it collects, so historical data is available for review, analysis, and capacity planning. Any Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari Web browser can be used to access Indigo Pro's traffic visualization and management functions. Data can also be exported as CSV files for analysis by external tools.

Traffic visualization with Indigo Pro does more than traditional NetFlow and SNMP-based polling systems. While these systems typically sample traffic statistics once per 5 to 30 minutes, Indigo Pro employs a revolutionary new push technology called ProPush that increases the sampling rate as high as once per second. This fast sampling period enables you to see microbursts of traffic that other systems are blind to. With ProPush, those mysterious invisible traffic congestion issues become a thing of the past.    

Indigo ProPush technology is currently available in the Net Optics Director Pro family of network controller switches. Most other Net Optics managed devices will include it in the future. Indigo Pro uses polling techniques to gather traffic statistics from devices that do not incorporate ProPush technology.

Indigo Manager Pro can be instrumental in solutions for:

  • Network Management
  • Fault Management
  • Policy Management

Robust and Reliable
The hardware platform that runs the Indigo Pro software is designed for enterprise-class quality and reliability. Dual hard drives operate in a RAID-1 configuration (mirrored disks) so you never need to worry about losing days worth of historical traffic statistics. Dual hot-swappable power supplies minimize downtime due to power outages or component failure. The 19", 1U-high rack-mount design makes Indigo Pro ready to become an integral part of your data center.

Comparison of Indigo Collector Pro and Indigo Manager Pro features

Features  Indigo Collector Pro  Indigo Manager Pro
Integrated appliance  +   +
Fast device discovery  +    +
Fault and event management      +
Bulk software upgrades      +
Scheduler      +
Device configuration and element management      +
Device view    +    +
Dashboard view    +    +
Statistics management, collection, and storage    +    +
Dashboard and graphs    +    +
Data analysis    +    +
Web-based user interface    +    +
User account management    +    +

Doing Our Part
Net Optics is dedicated to ensuring user safety and developing products that are increasingly environment friendly. Director adheres to UL and CE safety certifications: FCC, VCCI, and C-Tick EMC certifications; and RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.

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