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By: Net Enforcers  09-12-2011

The Challenge for Your Business
And How We Can Help

The digital economy has created tremendous new opportunities for brand owners.  Through the web, companies can reach a worldwide audience of customers, prospects and influencers with detailed product literature, personalized service interactions and direct sales opportunities.  Better still, the immediate feedback made possible on the Internet enables sales and marketing experimentation and optimization in days that used to take years.  It is no wonder that brand owners around the globe are focused on ensuring their products are easily accessible online complete with photos, descriptions, reviews and creative marketing content.

Unfortunately, customers, prospects and influencers are not the only people with access to the Internet.  Unauthorized sellers online have equal access to your product literature, photos, logos and other proprietary information.  Organized crime rings and misguided entrepreneurs can use the same experimentation and optimization tools that help companies achieve success on the Internet.  Even worse, these bad actors are frequently more Internet savvy than the corporations or consumers they seek to harm.  The result is an enormous amount of counterfeit goods trafficking, trademark and copyright infringement, and diversion of consumer traffic away from legitimate brand owners and their chosen distribution partners.  At times, the temptations of the Internet can even be too great for legitimate distribution partners, resulting in violations of corporate distribution policies such as sales of grey market goods. 

The Net Enforcers Difference

At Net Enforcers, we believe that protecting your bottom line starts with protecting your brand.  An unauthorized sale is lost business to the legitimate supply chain.  If the consumer’s experience is poor, the resulting brand damage can be multiplied tenfold when shared with friends and relatives.  Brand owners need to know who offers their products for sale online and how they advertise them in order to ensure their brand is not being abused.  We understand that companies often do not have the staff, technical skills or training necessary to identify, analyze and respond to the abuse of their brands on the Internet.  Our solutions protect the online brands of companies in multiple industries, and no matter how unique your business or products may be, we’re able to provide uniquely tailored services for each brand.       

Just a few of the differentiating features of our services include:          

  • Our solutions have proven effective for a wide range of brand owners in the consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, financial services and other industries.
  • Our proprietary technology targets the most relevant sectors of the Internet to cost effectively identify high priority potential brand abuse.
  • Our well trained staff analyzes potential findings against your criteria to ensure we isolate high probability instances of brand abuse from the volumes of legitimate mentions of your brand on the web.
  • Our unique customer portal serves as a central hub for brand owners to monitor results of our efforts and instruct Net Enforcers or outside counsel to take action on your behalf.
  • Our services can be flexibly bundled into packages that meet your highest priority needs within your budget constraints.

Our Brand Protection Services:          

    Optional On-Demand Services:          

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