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By: Nei Inc  09-12-2011

CD ROM/DVD Mastering – Large amounts of paper can lead to large headaches trying to find a single document.  Finding a specific file in tens or hundreds of boxes or cabinets can take hours or even days.  If that specific document is misplaced, then you’ll never find it. Imaging and CD ROM/DVD Production can solve these types of problems.  By allowing NEI to scan the files and store them to CD or DVD, you reduce the amount of time it takes to locate the file as well as reduce your physical storage space:  four to six boxes of documents can be stored on a single CD.

CD duplication – When you need to quickly distribute massive quantities of your large documents, why not try distributing your document on CD?  It’s cheaper than printing and just think of all the money you save on postage.   

Whether you need your invaluable media, like floppy disk, converted to CD-ROM, or you need additional CD-ROM back-ups in case of emergencies, we can convert or duplicate your media.

Other products and services from Nei Inc


NEI Inc - hardware

Fujitsu provides reliable and high-productivity scanning to meet the demands of high-volume production scanning as well as smaller departmental scanning. NEI offers a range of document imaging equipment from departmental, midrange and production scanners to microfiche and large format scanners. Their image scanners offer amazing performance and support Document Image Management.


NEI Inc - docimaging

Document evaluation - We provide site evaluations, pickup and delivery within the Tampa Bay Area, or you may mail samples of your documents to us and tell us what your needs are and we will provide samples to you with a written quote at no costs. We also provide image clean-up functions like image enhancement, deskew and despeckle and border and shadow removal.


NEI Inc - docmanagement

Document Repository - Long-term secure vaulted storage of business critical or personal electronic information on CD or DVD media. This service is an invaluable benefit for disaster recovery.


NEI Inc - services

From old archives to current sales leads, NEI can help you process, access, and safeguard important documents. Our quality assurance process includes inspections of image quality, indexing accuracy, and output accuracy. We specialize in converting paper documents and microforms to electronic images and putting them on CD.