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By: Nec Unified Solutions  09-12-2011

NEC offers one of the most comprehensive data center portfolios available today. These solutions include Intel® Xeon rack-mounted and blade servers, highly scalable SAN storage, grid storage for disk-to-disk back-up and archiving. In addition, NEC provides top performance and superior reliability while reducing:

  • Power consumption
  • Data center management costs
  • Total cost of ownership

NEC’s leadership in data center product engineering and manufacturing quality enables you to benefit from:

  • Green data-center strategies
  • Optimal application performance with high performance servers
  • Five-nines reliability
  • Virtualization strategies—both in the data center and on the desktop!
  • High availability solutions to maximize uptime for mission critical applications

NEC’s data-center team offers you more than product; we offer leadership in data center best practices that generate results for your organization. NEC has the experience and expertise to do it all: design or re-design, as well as, deploy and optimize by leveraging both NEC’s and our partners’ products and know-how. As a result, you benefit from the broadest portfolio of skills, capabilities and offerings. At the same time, NEC delivers end-to-end accountability with only one number to call and with one account manager representing a global organization that is the leader in data center technology.

General Purpose Servers
Intel®-based NEC Express 5800/100 series servers run enterprise-class applications, delivering both high performance and reliability you can depend on.

Virtual PC Center (VPCC)
Only NEC provides you with virtualization in the data center and on the desktop! NEC’s Virtual PC Center is unique in the industry. Your organization benefits from all the advantages of a centralized computing model through virtual PCs using thin clients, servers and storage.
VPPC is a complete PC virtualization appliance that provides:

  • Elevated data security
  • Improved PC management, maintenance and support
  • Enhanced reliability and availability
  • Lowered total cost of PC ownership

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