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By: Neat Stuff 4 You  09-12-2011
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It's your child's birthday, and what better gift to give him or her for this special day than a children's book about his very own birthday surprises? My Birthday Surprise is a fun children's book with a lot of colorful illustrations that are sure to keep your child entertained. We can turn it into a personalized book bearing your child’s name so he or she can be the star in the story!

My Birthday Surprise is the tale of a child who dreams of his birthday party days before the actual date. Your child is sure to have fun discovering what gifts and birthday surprises are behind the doors in the child's dream. Here’s the big mystery: What is behind the mysterious 11th door with no doorknob and key? The mystery will keep your child glued to the book!

Plus, this book teaches your child that with all the possible wishes, it's better to be themselves than wishing to be somebody else.

My Birthday Surprise is an ideal gift for children of all ages. Buy it now for your child's birthday or just about any special day. Books are the best gift for children – and this one surely fits the bill.

For ages 3-8, hard cover, 6 3/4 by 8 1/4, 36 pages

Keywords: personalized Book

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